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Project Master Version 3.0 is out now. Visit the Project Master product page to find out more and receive a free upgrade.

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Communicating with Training Program Stakeholders
Find out how to conduct meetings and presentations and what modes of communication to use to best engage your training program stakeholders.

Nine Tips for Building Stakeholder Relationships
Use these nine practical communication techniques to keep your training project stakeholders aligned with your program's goals.

Nurturing Training Partnerships
Why genuine stakeholder partnerships are important and how you can uncover the reasons why they don't want to get on board.

Identifying Training Program Stakeholders and Their Interests
Extend your training program stakeholder partnerships beyond the usual trainer, program participants and their managers.

Managing Training Initiatives as a Project
Managing the design and delivery of your next training program as a project will lead to the best outcomes.

Manager Support Promotes Training Impact
Find out the extent to which your managers and supervisors are supporting your training program attendees back on the job.

Managing Small Training Projects
Practical guidance on when to streamline your project management methods and processes to run small training projects.

Managing Medium to Large Training Projects
Medium- and large-sized training projects require more robust project governance structures and project management processes to succeed.

Harmonizing Learner Engagement and Employee Engagement
This Expert View examines the synergies between engaged employees and engaged learners and how you can benefit from this symbiotic relationship.

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