Career Planning in Organizations

Explore the current challenges facing organizations in managing employees' career expectations.


Today's Career Planning Environment

Organizations wanting to effectively manage the career expectations and progression of their employees are working in an environment radically different from even just a few years ago. Current career planning challenges include:

  • operating in a hyper-competitive business environment in which resources are scarce
  • attracting and retaining highly skilled and capable people within an aging workforce
  • factoring in a greater proportion of contract and casual employees with no long term allegiance to the organization
  • engaging the talents, motivations and creativities of people whilst aligning to business requirements
  • managing employee expectations in an environment in which there are fewer opportunities for promotion
  • supporting marginal performers in increasing their discretionary effort and contribution to the role
  • encouraging poor performers to move on in a respectful way

You can tell whether your organization is getting a handle on competing on the new playing field. In your organization, do:

  • the people you want to stay, leave?
  • the people you want to leave, stay?
  • the people who stay, leave their talents and creativities at home?

For businesses that are struggling with employee career transitions, the costs include:

  • spiraling recruitment and selection, induction and training expenditure
  • reduced employee morale and productivity
  • wrong levels of turnover
  • unnecessary redundancy payments

Organizations that put in place a career development structure with appropriate career planning and the right career development tools will be the winners in this new workforce landscape. We encourage you to explore the career development resources and tools in this section so that you can put your organization at the front of the pack.

Expert View Author: Pamela Frost

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