Talent Management

Workforce planning, leadership succession, human resources strategy and career development


Our Talent Management portal hosts practical guidance, information, tools and resources in all areas of human resources strategy, succession planning, workforce segmentation, professional growth and career management. Whether you are a business owner, executive, human resources manager, professional or frontline employee, you will find here expert assistance and resources that will help you develop talent and progress careers.

Key concepts, models and approaches to segmenting your workforce, outsourcing and compiling and reporting human resource analytics.

Human Capital Management

The value of intangible human capital is being increasingly recognized as of major strategic importance to every organization today. We examine why this is so and how you can increase the value of the human capital in your organization.

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Strategic Workforce Planning and Segmentation

Why does workforce planning play such an important role in business? And how is it best conducted? Find out what problems lie with traditional forms of workforce planning and how an enlightened approach to segmenting your workforce can give your business a real strategic advantage.

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Workforce Segmentation: A Skills' Based Approach

Employees now come in all shapes and sizes - one size doesn't fit all. We now need a more sophisticated workforce management approach that will deliver tailored recruitment, engagement, retention, training and outsourcing practices. A skills' based workforce segmentation model lays the foundation for such an approach.

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Critical Roles

Not all roles in an organization have equal value and strategic importance. Being able to identify the critical roles in your organization and tailor your HR policies and practices accordingly can give you a strong competitive advantage.

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Outsourcing Roles

Deciding which roles to keep in-house and which to outsource is a complex decision fraught with anxiety. Making the wrong decision will lead to angry customers, disaffected employees and financial loss. Find out how you can give your outsourcing decisions a more rational foundation based on economic and strategic considerations that lead to greater effectiveness.

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Guidance on how to indentify, develop and promote potential leaders in your organization and how to evaluate the success of your program.

Leadership Succession

What is succession planning and why is it important? Find out the answers to these questions and discover what you need to do to plan for and develop the next line of leaders in your organization.

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The Succession Planning Process

Identifying and developing the next line of leaders in your organization requires a structured approach if you are to be successful. We outline the key steps you need to include in your succession planning process for you to achieve your talent management objectives.

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Succession Planning Program Evaluation

Succession planning programs vary widely in approach and process. At the end of the day, you want your program to achieve its objectives. We share the key questions you need to ask to find out whether your program is a success and what needs improvement.

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Advice on helping employees with all aspects of their career journey, from initial research and planning through to preparation and application.

Career Planning in Organizations

The career landscape has changed radically over the last few years. We explore the current challenges you are facing in managing your employees' career expectations and the costs of not doing it effectively.

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Career Transition Planning

Career planning is a joint responsibility between employer and employee. Both parties benefit when there is a well-structured career development framework in place with available career planning tools. Here we share a powerful framework for achieving positive results.

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Career Development Model

Successful career development needs a structured approach. Follow our practical 7-Step Career Development Model as it leads you through the stages of preparing for your career change to taking actionable steps.

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Career Transition Steps

Changing careers is a daunting time fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. We share the essential steps you need to complete if you want your career search activities to be successful.

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Career Change and SWOT Analysis

Whether you need help in exploring your career choices or you are helping others, working through a SWOT Analysis is a powerful way of thinking through the current situation and future possibilities.

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Career Research and Preparation

Find out why job market research is so important for your career planning. We also walk you through our eight step process for effective career exploration.

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Resume Tips

We see many job applicants fail in their efforts because of an ill-prepared resume. Read our essential tips for creating a winning resume.

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Writing Cover Letters for Job Applications

Many people applying for a position rush through their cover letter or do not include one at all. Avoid this fatal mistake by checking out these tips for writing an effective cover letter.

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Job Interview Preparation

Do you need help with your job interview skills? Or are you assisting someone else preparing for an interview? Get in shape by practicing with these typical job interview questions.

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Useful succession and career planning tools and guides plus leading edge articles from a variety of experts.

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