Career Development Model

The 7-Step Career Development Model leads you through the stages of preparing for your career change to taking actionable steps.


7-Step Career Development Model

The 7-Step Career Development Model is the structure behind our comprehensive Career Enrichment Tool Kit: a self-paced career development resource that can be used in organizations or by individuals.

By using the the 7-Step Career Development Model, employers and employees alike are able to:

  • assess career choices
  • partake jointly in career planning, and
  • achieve successful career transition

The Tool Kit's seven chapters work through the two key stages of the Model: Preparation and Action.

Career Transition Phases

Career Transition Phases diagram

Chapters 1 to 4: The Preparation stage will see the participant:

  • clarify their career direction
  • conduct initial job market research
  • identify target organizations
  • adjust their job resume and applications
  • brief their referees, and
  • gain a positive mindset

Chapters 5 to 7: The Action stage will see the participant:

  • access the visible and the hidden job markets
  • develop and utilize networks
  • tailor marketing letters and job applications
  • manage recruiters
  • prepare for job interviews
  • celebrate achievements

Preparation Stage

Chapter 1: Taking Stock

  • Enables examination of your career goals and needs in the context of other life priorities
  • Ensures that you are exploring your needs and taking into consideration:

    • What type of work is the most fulfilling and satisfying for you
    • Your career anchors
    • Your dreams and aspirations
    • Personality and background
    • Career needs in the context of what stage you are at in your life

Chapter 2: My Offering

  • Requires you to critically examine and articulate what you are offering the marketplace in terms of:

    • Specific marketable achievements
    • Skills
    • Motivations and passions
    • Values
    • Personal Qualities
    • Capability level
    • Aspirations

Chapter 3: Identify and Plan Direction

  • Supports you to prepare a long-term career strategy map
  • Supports you to plan and make decisions about what options are available for the next step in your career
  • Provides a decision-making template for you to make choices about whether you move into your next role within your company or plan to exit your company
  • Guides you in the steps to take in getting promoted within your company
  • Informs you in the options available to you should you decide to leave the company
  • Guides you on how to position yourself if you leave your company in difficult circumstances (termination)
  • Provides a framework for you to clarify your desired role
  • Articulates your sales pitch on what you have to offer and what you want in your career
  • Identifies how to prepare a target list of companies and research those companies
  • Enables you to complete your self-marketing plan
  • Provides useful hints on how to manage your energy and focus during a period of transition

Chapter 4: Resume Preparation

  • Enables you to construct a comprehensive and highly targeted resume to position you in the best possible way
  • Explores the appropriate style and format of resume for your role specification
  • Selection of the best referees
  • Briefing referees on what you wish them to say about you

Action Stage

Chapter 5: Getting Into Action

  • Supports you to identify opportunities for roles in the hidden and transparent job market
  • Builds skills in networking to increase employability and conduct research about roles and industry
  • Helps you to prepare marketing letters
  • Explains the most effective way to respond to job applications
  • Provides useful hints in how to cold call network contacts
  • Guides you in how to get the best out of recruitment agencies

Chapter 6: In the Marketplace

  • Prepares you for job interviews and psychometric tests
  • Understanding the different types of interviews
  • Understanding the importance of body language and presentation
  • Builds interviewing skills through practicing answering tough job interview questions
  • Provides a framework for negotiating the terms of salary package and benefits
  • Items to consider in evaluating multiple offers

Chapter 7: Career Enrichment

  • Ensures that you celebrate and reward your achievements in career transition
  • Teaches you to clarify performance expectations in your new role
  • Identify learning and development needs
  • Engage in ongoing professional development
  • Mentoring and executive coaching
  • Recognizing the importance of managing relationships
  • Recognizing the importance of managing perceptions
  • Deciding what to do if the role does not work out
  • Mapping your next career step

The 7-Step Career Development Model is a highly effective framework for assessing your or your employees' career choices, partaking in career planning and achieving successful career transition. We wish you well in your career search endeavors!

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