Career Transition Planning

Both employer and employee benefit from a well-structured career development framework in place and useful career planning tools.


Career Planning Responsibilities

A "job for life" is no longer a given. Outsourcing, delayering and rationalizing have had their part to play in this new employment landscape. On the other hand, employee mobility has risen sharply in recent decades, with many employees constantly on the lookout for the next "best offer". In this environment, career planning is a joint responsibility between the employer and the employee. This means that:

  • the employer is responsible for providing the career development tools and resources and career counseling, and
  • the employee is responsible for using those career development tools and resources in obtaining clarity about their career needs, and then to take action implementing their career management plans.

For managers, such career development tools provide a structured resource that they can use in coaching and supporting their people to develop their career. For employees, they provide an opportunity for taking steps to achieve a more enriched, fulfilled and satisfying work experience.

Career Development Framework

Implementing a well-structured career development framework will assist your managers in providing effective career guidance, coaching and support for your people. A useful framework for career planning will include a range of suitable activities within the two major phases of Preparation and Action. Ensure that your career development framework provides a clear structure that adequately encompasses these two phases.

The Preparation phase will need to prepare your employees by clarifying:

  • their career development needs and expectations
  • the career direction they wish to take
  • the career choices that are available to them
  • their career achievements and transferable skills

The Action phase will need to support your employees in taking action by showing them how to:

  • write job applications
  • network internally
  • perform well in job interviews
  • negotiate salary and employment terms
  • manage ongoing professional development

This 7-Step model outlined below is a highly effective framework for achieving all of the above.

7-Step Career Development Model

Preparation Phase

Taking Stock

Review life experiences and current career goals.

Career Transition Phases diagram

My Offering

Identify and articulate career achievements, skills, capabilities and aspirations.

Identify and Plan Direction

Review career choices and desired roles, develop personal brand statement and conduct job market research.

Action Phase

Resume Preparation

Optimize and update resume and organize and manage referees.

Getting into Action

Tap into the transparent and hidden job markets and manage recruitment agencies.

In the Marketplace

Prepare for job interviews and evaluate job offers.

Career Enrichment

Celebrate career change and manage new work relationships and ongoing professional development.

The 7-Step Career Development Framework provides a sequentially structured approach to each of the key activities in managing employee career transitions. By working within the model, managers are able to provide effective career planning, guidance, coaching and support for their people.

Expert View Author: Pamela Frost

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