Career Change and SWOT Analysis

Working through a SWOT Analysis is a powerful way of thinking through career options and choices.


Conducting a SWOT Analysis

You may be a manager or human resource professional assisting employees with their career management. Or you may be looking for career change to advance your own career. Either way, the SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for getting an accurate and informed view of where the person is right now. It should be used before making any decisions about future career choice.

The SWOT analysis shown below asks the person to consider the following factors:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses or development needs?
  • What opportunities for career development currently exist in your organization?
  • What threats are you facing?

Use the following guide to support the person in thinking about the types of areas they should explore in their personal SWOT analysis. The analysis will help in clarifying career choices, such as whether to move into another role within the current organization or to exit the organization.

  • List what you consider to be your most marketable skills.
  • How can your skills transfer to other roles in your organization, other functional areas, and other industries?
  • What are your best leadership qualities?
  • What is the level of demand for the skill-sets that you possess?
  • What roles are in the planning stage for advertising?
  • What development strategies could you adopt to increase your chances of landing a role?
  • What gaps in capability do you perceive you have for the role you aspire for?
  • What would others say are your blind spots?
  • How might your blind spots derail your potential?
  • Who in the organization will be a resistance or block to you moving into this role?
  • What is the level of competition for this role?
  • Have you resigned in difficult circumstances? How will you explain this in your next interview?

When completing the SWOT analysis, make sure the person takes into consideration:

  • the results of their most recent performance review discussions with their manager
  • notes from their personal diary and journal
  • comments that other people working with the person make about them

Expert View Author: Pamela Frost

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