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Our Project Management portal leads you on a journey through all of the key aspects of adopting a project approach in your business or organization. Explore the various expert tips, tools and resources designed to help you make your project a success. Whether you are a project sponsor, project manager, team leader or project team member, you will benefit from the best practice information and guidance we provide here.

Key concepts, success factors, roles and terminology used in the management of successful projects.

What Is Project Management?

How does a project differ from other human activities and what is involved in managing a project? There remains a lot of confusion over these fundamental questions. In this overview, we clear away some of the mystery surrounding projects.

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Why Project Management?

Managing a project properly takes time and effort. Why bother with schedules, meetings, reports and forms? We identify some of the problems you may be experiencing with your project that can be avoided by applying project management principles and processes.

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Why Projects Fail

Most projects are destined to either miss their objectives or collapse spectacularly. How healthy is your project? Do you recognize these common symptoms of project failure?

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Project Success Factors

There are time tested processes, methods and tasks that you can follow to help ensure the success of your project. We share with you some key tips for achieving your project objectives and satisfying your key stakeholders.

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Project Roles and Responsibilities

Critical project tasks can easily fall through the cracks if it is left unclear who is responsible for doing what. We outline all of the key project roles that may apply to your project. Check our list to make sure that you have all of the important roles assigned.

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Project Management Glossary

Starting on the road to being a project leader or team member can be bewildering. Project management has its own specialist vocabulary that confuses the best of us in the beginning. To help bring clarity to your new world, we have assembled the most common project management terms and their meanings.

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Exploration of the various disciplines essential to the successful management of people, processes and systems.

Project Management Disciplines

We identify eight key practice areas essential for effective project management. This overview summarizes each of these disciplines into a coherent framework.

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Project Team Management

Successful projects depend on individuals and groups of people working collaboratively. We outline the key skills you will need to manage your project teams effectively.

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Stakeholder Management

Many projects fail because key stakeholders were either disenfranchised or in some other way isolated from the project. Who are your key stakeholders and how should you manage your relationships with them? Find out how to identify your key stakeholder groups and keep them on board.

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Project Risk Management

Every important project does not go exactly to plan. Major events can threaten to derail your project altogether. Project risk management is about identifying those possible events and putting in place a plan to avoid loss.

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Project Issues Management

As your project progress, issues will surface that may need attention. Find out what issues management is about and why it is important to your project.

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Project Resource Management

Bringing your project in on time and within budget depends on the effective management of your project's financial and human resources. Here are some key considerations for allocating and tracking your money and people resources.

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Project Task Management

Project outcomes are achieved through a variety of people exerting effort in many specific tasks. For large projects, coordinating the various efforts is an important project management activity.

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Project Quality Management

What quality do your project stakeholders expect from the outputs of your project? How can you guarantee that your project deliverables will meet these quality standards? We share some tips for building in quality in each phase of your project.

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Project Change Control

During the life of a project, circumstances will change and these can have a significant impact on your project. Add to this the constant allure of adding even more impressive features. We outline how you can prevent unexpected and runaway changes from sinking your project.

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Guidance on finding your way through the various project management phases and defining your key project process outputs.

Project Phases

Successful projects follow a disciplined process and path to prevent them from leading to oblivion. Find out the key steps in this process, starting from initial idea proposal to the final project evaluation.

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Project Documents

The requirement to produce various project documents is regarded as a curse in many projects. How can documentation be useful other than for holding up the real work in a project? Find out what the key project documents are and their purpose and use.

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Project Reports

Project reporting plays a key role in any winning project. We reveal why reports are essential, who should receive them and what you should include in them.

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Project Review

Now that your project is finished, how successful was it? How do you measure success? We outline three ways for evaluating the achievements of your project and point you towards some useful tools for measuring success.

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Benefits Realization

The most useful projects are approved on the promise that they will bring some measurable benefit to the organization. However, the expected benefits will not appear just because the project delivered on its plan. We explain the actions you need to take to ensure that the expected business benefits do materialize.

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Managing Small Training Projects

Small projects delivering a training program do not need the complex governance structure, systems and project management tools that large projects need. This Expert View provides guidance on when to tailor your systems and processes to suit smaller training projects.

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Managing Medium to Large Training Projects

For medium- to large-scale training projects to succeed, they must be well-coordinated with the wider change initiative that it is supporting. This requires more complex and robust project governance and project management processes to be in place if the expected project benefits are to materialize.

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Collection of useful project management tools, guides and templates plus leading edge articles from a variety of experts.

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