Workforce Segmentation
and Reporting Pack

A practical human resources guide and template pack for maximizing the value of your human capital.

Use this Pack to tailor your HR strategies and policies to different segments of your workforce, compile powerful workforce analytics and maximize the benefits from your outsourcing. This Pack is intended for people wanting to adopt a more strategic approach to HR.

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Product Features

Build Your Organization's Human Capital

This Pack will assist if you are:

  • wasting scarce resources on people in less critical roles
  • wanting to maximize the value of your HR data and key measures
  • seeking to validate or mount a business case for HR initiatives
  • missing key HR information in recruitment, performance and retention
  • suffering from rigid labor practices
  • missing the benefits of outsourcing

Leverage Key Principles

Learn why human capital is critical to business success.

Discover the five ways to build human capital.

Five Ways of Increasing Human Capital

Think and Act Strategically

Given that you can't manage what you don't measure, reporting on key drivers and measures of recruitment, performance and retention are essential to the success of your organization.

Gain a strategic advantage over your competitors through:

  • replacing an ineffective "one size fits all" approach to people-management with a skills' based workforce segmentation model
  • differentiating the importance of roles to your business, including the identification of critical roles
  • determining which roles you should develop people from within, buy people ready-made and outsource
  • building a comprehensive measurement framework for reporting human capital
  • developing workforce analytics that provide deep insights into your workforce
  • using a rigorous framework for your outsourcing decision-making process

Complete Package

Human Capital Data: Reporting Templates

Everything you need to segment your workforce and report HR data in one comprehensive pack.

  • comprehensive workforce segmentation guide
  • measurement and reporting templates
  • practical outsourcing guide

Develop Powerful Workforce Analytics

Use the People (Human Capital) Data Cube to:

  • replace political infighting with objective human resource measures and decisions
  • leverage the three types of human capital data
  • reconfigure your existing HR data in new and more meaningful ways
  • identify your human capital "hot spots"
  • generate workforce intelligence to provide deeper workforce insights

Who Uses This HR Pack?

Anyone involved in directing and managing the human resources of medium- to large-sized organizations, including:

  • Human Resource Executives
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Workforce Planners
  • Organizational Development Professionals
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Recruitment Professionals

Best Practice Segmentation Approach

In this era of talent and skills shortages, having the right data configured in the right format is essential for better people-making decisions.

Apply the Skills' Based Workforce Segmentation Model to capitalize and report on all phases of the employee life-cycle:

  • acquire
  • engage
  • develop
  • retain
The Skills' Based Workforce Segmentation Model

Maximize Outsourcing Benefits

The exclusive outsourcing guide optimizes your outsourcing practices.

For roles, use the guide to:

  • outsource roles based on a best-practice skills' based segmentation model
  • easily apply the 8 key criteria for making rational role outsourcing decisions
  • confidently weigh up the economic and strategic benefits of outsourcing each role

For activities, use the guide to:

  • include all key elements in your activity outsourcing contractual agreements
  • address key activity outsourcing stages with a comprehensive check list
  • maximize your return from outsourcing activities

Immediate Practical Application

Start using the comprehensive set of 13 checklists and reusable reporting templates today.

Each template is in the familiar Microsoft Word format and is fully customizable. Use the templates to collect crucial workforce data in the following areas:

  • role classification
  • workforce demographics
  • salary and training costs
  • turnover
  • performance ratings
  • recruitment

and more ...

The People (Human Capital) Data Cube

Buy with Assurance

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Product Contents

This section lists all of the items contained within the supplied Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack zip file.

  • How to Segment Your Workforce, Measure and Report on Human Capital


    Practical 61 page guide to analyzing, measuring and reporting on human capital in organizations

    Table of Contents

  • Outsourcing Guidelines


    Informative 30 page guide to maximizing the benefits from outsourcing roles and activities in organizations

    Table of Contents

  • Human Capital Data: Reporting Templates


    Reusable and customizable template collection in Microsoft Word® format, comprising 13 worksheets, checklists and templates

    Table of Contents

  • Quick Start Guide


    Two page handy reference guide for identifying the Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack files and using them productively as quickly as possible

  • License Agreement


    License terms stipulating usage rights and warranties for Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack


"I am familiar with a number of workforce planning models and approaches, but we chose Colin's tools because they offered a number of unique features, including the skills' based workforce segmentation model. The application of this segmentation model has made me think about various roles and, in particular, the identification of critical roles with a different mindset. This model has helped me gain both a wider and deeper perspective on human capital measurement and reporting."

Robert Knight
Manager Organisational Development
Greater Shepparton City Council

"Colin Beames is a thought leader in this field and has developed tools and resources that enable the practical application of latest thinking and research in the area of people management. The various human capital products developed by Colin is truly cutting edge. They have provided us with the framework, resources and tools to better manage our most vital intangible asset – our people."

John Cooksey
General Manager
Zenith Management Services

Licensing and Copyright

Your use of Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack is strictly governed by the terms of the product's License Agreement. A Single User License allows one person only to use the software on one or more computers and to print out one copy only of each of the two PDF guides.

For example, if you want to distribute the software to five human resources staff members within your organization, your organization will need to purchase five licenses. When ordering online, enter "5" in the Quantity field. If ordering by telephone, tell the customer service representative that you require 5 licenses. Quantity discounts apply when you purchase more than one license.

The License Agreement prohibits you from selling, renting, lending or distributing the product and from installing the software on any computer network. This product is also protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. We retain full copyright in all of our materials and strictly prohibit the making of unauthorized copies.

Please note that this is a summary only of the license provisions and is not meant to interpret the meaning of or replace any or all of the license terms specified in the product's License Agreement. Please read the product's License Agreement prior to purchase as no refunds are given on the basis that you did not read or understand the License Agreement.

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Product License Agreement

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Product Support

Product Enquiries

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about the content of this product and its application to your specific circumstances.

Contact us now for a prompt response.

Consulting Assistance

Whether you are struggling with human resource metrics, looking to get more from your outsourcing activities or just need help with your current human resources project, our team of expert consultants, coaches and trainers are ready to assist.

Our associates are leaders in their respective fields, having earned the respect of both clients and peers. Each consultant delivers services with the highest professional standards and an emphasis on results.

  • Colin Beames
  • Jennifer McCoy
  • Geoff Hopkins
  • Maree Harris
  • Chris Bennett
  • Sue James
  • Peter Spence

Contact us now for assistance in selecting the right consultant for your needs.


System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows XP®/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7/Windows® 8/Windows® 10

Program Requirements:

Microsoft Word® 2002(XP) or above, PDF reader

All reputable PDF readers will read our PDF files, including Adobe® Reader® and Foxit Reader.

Please note that our products are not designed to operate on Apple® and Linux systems (with or without Microsoft Windows® emulators). Business Performance Pty Ltd does not guarantee that our software will operate satisfactorily on these systems.

About the Author
Colin Beames

Colin Beames is one of Australia's leading human capital, workforce trends, engagement and retention thought leaders with a deep and expansive knowledge of these subjects. He is a corporate psychologist with an engineering degree and an MBA. Colin completed his honours thesis on the topic of mid-life career change and his subsequent MBA dissertation was on the topic of the psychological contract.

Colin has consulted to a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including both public and private organizations. He has recently worked with a number of organizations including local government councils and shires to assist them in adopting a more strategic approach to managing their workforce and developing their Human Capital Strategic Plans.

Colin is also a prolific author, having developed and commercialized a number of HR tools and resources. He is best known for his comprehensive work in his book entitled Transforming Organisational Human Capital: Emerging Stronger from the GFC and Beyond.

To take advantage of Colin's expertise on your human resources project, contact us at

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