Training Projects Template Pack Contents

The table below describes all 20 items included in the Training Projects Template Pack.

This template pack manages your training through all phases of your training administration and evaluation cycle: before, during and after each training program.

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Templates and guides for defining, planning and communicating training projects.
Template/Guide Purpose Description
Training Project Definition Template, Guide and Sample

Template for producing and documenting a project definition

Guide for producing and documenting a project definition

Sample of a completed project definition document

Successful projects begin with a succinct definition of what the project is about - a definition that all major stakeholders can agree with. This template will help you clarify and agree the project's objectives, basic approach, what is within and out of scope, project deliverables, roles, resources, risks and milestones. Your project is then ready for handover to the Project Manager for a flying start. The Template and Guide are packaged as two separate files. (MS Word) Review the sample project definition to see how a project definition document looks when completed. (Adobe Acrobat)
Training Project Plan Template and Guide

Template for producing and documenting a training program project plan

Guide for producing and documenting a training program project plan

This training project plan template will guide you through all of the important aspects of managing a successful training project. Project dimensions covered include objectives, scope, stakeholder analysis, risk, issues and change control, resource needs, communication plan, program summary, milestones, schedule and budget. The Template and Guide are packaged as two separate files. (MS Word)
Program Communication Plan Template Proforma plan for communicating with stakeholders about various aspects of the training program throughout the life of the program Every training project must satisfy a variety of key stakeholders, from the program sponsor and instructional designers to program participants and their managers. Each stakeholder needs to be kept informed as often as and in a manner that suits them if the project is to be a success. This template guides you through the various communication requirements and helps you to document them in a concise manner. (MS Word)
Templates and guides for analyzing training needs.
Template/Guide Purpose Description
Training Needs Analysis Template and Guide

Template for conducting and documenting a formal training needs analysis

Guide for conducting and documenting a formal training needs analysis

Make sure the training you design or buy in satisfies the organization's real needs by using this TNA template. Analysis sections include scope, objectives, stakeholders, target participants, task analysis, constraints, learning transfer and selection criteria. The Template and Guide are packaged as two separate files. (MS Word)
Training Needs Analysis Worksheet Interview worksheet for guiding and recording training needs interviews This TNA worksheet will assist you plan and conduct interviews during your training needs analysis. Improve your credibility and effectiveness by asking all the right questions of managers, program sponsors and employees. The interview structure includes questions on precipitating reasons, organization's objectives, participant characteristics, performance objectives, potential barriers and task requirements. (MS Word)
Template and guide for producing a high-level training program design.
Template/Guide Purpose Description
Training Program Design Template and Guide

Template for producing and documenting a training program high-level design

Guide for producing and documenting a training program high-level design

Ensure that training program development does not go off the rails with this training program design template. Using a structured approach, you will be guided through all of the important considerations for effective program design. Sections include scope, purpose, resource requirements, design parameters, implementation requirements and selection criteria. The Template and Guide are packaged as two separate files. (MS Word)
Templates for learning outcomes, training manuals and session plans.
Template/Guide Purpose Description
Learning Outcomes Template Template for developing and documenting learning outcomes Writing effective learning outcomes is a necessary precursor to developing a relevant and focused training program. This template will help you in developing terminal and enabling objectives for your program that are focused on participants' workplace performance. (MS Word)
Training Manual Template Template for compiling a training program participants' manual A well designed and produced training manual not only assists trainees during the program, but also acts as a valuable resource back on the job. With this template, instructional designers and trainers can construct a professional looking manual. The template includes preset formats for headings, tables, headers and footers, and so on. The suggested structure and the many practical tips included ensure that nothing is left to chance. (MS Word)
Training Session Plan Template

Template for creating a trainer's lesson plan for each training session

Sample of a completed training session plan

Each training session needs to be planned in advance. In addition, effective trainers use a summary guide to prepare them before session start and to direct them during the session. This template maps out the learning outcomes, equipment and materials required, timings for each section of the session and other necessities required for success. (MS Word) Review the sample training session plan to see how a training session plan document looks when completed. (Adobe Acrobat)
Templates for conducting meetings and scheduling training.
Template/Guide Purpose Description
Training Schedule Spreadsheet Spreadsheet for managing a training course schedule The Training Schedule spreadsheet manages your organization's training schedule for each course. Initially, use the nominations list to identify course nominees. Then use the schedule to keep track of attendance, reschedules and withdrawals. The sheet provides four summary reports on nominations, class composition and attendance status. Each report is updated automatically and the sheet can be expanded easily to accommodate any number of participants per class and any number of classes. Full instructions are included. (MS Excel)
Meeting Agenda Form Template for preparing a meeting agenda prior to a meeting Throughout your project, you and your project team members will conduct a variety of meetings throughout all phases of the project. Use this form to create a clear and well-structured agenda. At the bottom of the form, you will be guided by ten essential tips for running productive meetings. (MS Word)
Meeting Minutes Form Template for preparing meeting minutes recording meeting proceedings An efficiently run training project requires well-documented meeting minutes. This meeting minutes proforma contains all of the fields needed to capture the essential meeting proceedings, actions and decisions. The form includes helpful tips and hints for what information to place in each field. (MS Word)
Templates for monitoring and evaluating project performance.
Template/Guide Purpose Description

Project Scorecard


Spreadsheet for monitoring and reporting project performance Use the Project Scorecard during and at the conclusion of your project to monitor and report project performance. The Scorecard calculates and reports performance in five key result areas: cost, delivery, effort, scope and team satisfaction. Simply enter your project's approved/planned outcomes and tolerance levels and the Scorecard calculates automatically variances from approved/planned amounts and displays a Met/Not Met indicator for each key result area. For ease of reporting, the results are displayed visually on a single page summary Scorecard sheet. The sheet is packaged with complete instructions for use and can be customized to your requirements. (MS Excel)
Post-implementation Review Form Project team member questionnaire for evaluating team satisfaction How successful was your project and how can you improve further the performance of your next project? Encourage your project team to reflect on team performance and to uncover valuable learnings for the future with this comprehensive team member questionnaire. Important areas covered include team ownership, project management, resourcing and support, clarity of project roles, communication and professional growth. (MS Word)

System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows XP®/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7/Windows® 8/Windows® 10

Program Requirements:

Microsoft Excel® 2002(XP) or above, Microsoft Word® 2002(XP) or above, PDF reader

All reputable PDF readers will read our PDF files, including Adobe® Reader® and Foxit Reader.

Please note that our products are not designed to operate on Apple® and Linux systems (with or without Microsoft Windows® emulators). Business Performance Pty Ltd does not guarantee that our software will operate satisfactorily on these systems.

Training Management and Training Projects Pack Bundle
Training Template Packs Bundle

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PDF Download

Sample Training Session Plan

Sample Training Session Plan

Complimentary sample completed training lesson plan.

PDF Download

Sample Training Course Setup Checklist

Sample Training Course Setup Checklist

Form instructions and sample page from our Training Course Setup Checklist.

PDF Download

Sample Training Needs Analysis Worksheet

Sample Training Needs Analysis Worksheet

Sample pages from our completed Training Needs Analysis interview form.