Training Evaluation Toolkit

A complete practical guide and toolkit for measuring and reporting the impact of your workplace training programs.

Whether you are a novice or experienced professional, with this comprehensive training toolkit you will be able to plan your evaluation exercise, collect all relevant data, isolate non-training factors and then analyze and report the results convincingly to your key stakeholders.

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Product Features

Escape Measurement Mayhem

Get real help with these challenges:

  • your training programs lack focus
  • you want to evaluate training impact but don't know where to begin
  • you are confused by the plethora of methods and techniques available
  • you don't have a background in finance or measurement
  • your clients are demanding proof that your programs make a difference
  • the executive are wanting to reduce your training budget

Easy to Use

Our training evaluation tools are especially designed for practitioners who:

  • are not comfortable with financial calculations
  • have limited technical expertise in evaluation methods
  • are short on time

Proven Evaluation Approach

Using our guide, you will be able to:

  • develop training metrics that get widespread support
  • select the right training evaluation method for your situation
  • measure impact at one or more levels
  • evaluate both internal and external training programs
  • apply a simple yet powerful training impact model
How training works

Comprehensive Evaluation Tools

The included training impact evaluation tools will help you:

  • select the most appropriate evaluation method for your circumstances
  • measure and report the impact of training programs in both financial and non-financial terms
  • decide when it is useful and meaningful to isolate the impact of training using simple rules
Employee Separations Chart

Immediate Practical Application

Start using the comprehensive set of reusable tools and templates straight away.

Each template is in the familiar Microsoft Word and Excel format and is fully customizable. Practical tools that you can use time and again include:

  • planning and stakeholder communication templates
  • data collection forms for each evaluation level
  • participant skill assessment forms
  • charting and analysis worksheets for both financial and non-financial data
  • reporting templates for reporting results persuasively and professionally

and more ...

Who Uses this Guide?

Anyone involved in designing, delivering, managing and evaluating training programs, including:

  • Trainers/Facilitators
  • Training and Learning Managers
  • T&D Consultants
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Performance Improvement Managers
  • Program Managers

End-to-End Solution

Step by step, we will show you how to:

  • collect useful evaluation data without breaking the budget
  • isolate the impact of non-training factors on performance
  • measure and report the "intangible" benefits of training
  • accurately calculate training program costs
  • convert benefits to monetary values
  • use training evaluation results to improve future programs
Isolating Training Impact Chart

Enhance Your Credibility

  • Build a benefits case based on solid data from multiple sources.
  • Deliver professionally-presented reports that convince the executive.
  • Place your training programs on a steady path of continuous improvement.

Evaluate Both Benefit Types

Use our toolkit to calculate and report both financial and non-financial benefits:

Financial Benefits

  • Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Payback Period
  • Net Present Value (NPV)

Non-Financial Benefits

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction, etc

Practical Real-Life Examples

  • Use the ready-to-go templates for every phase of your evaluation and reporting activities.
  • Forms and worksheets are populated with working examples that you can follow before you enter your own data.
Practical tools, templates, checklists and forms

Buy with Assurance

If this product does not meet our exacting quality standards, write to us within 30 days for a full refund.

Product Contents

This section lists all of the items contained within the supplied Training Evaluation Toolkit zip file.

  • Training Evaluation Toolkit


    Practical 128 page guide for measuring and reporting the impact of training programs in both financial and non-financial terms

    Table of Contents

  • Packaged templates

    Collection of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF tools, worksheets, forms and charts as listed below

  • Skill Assessment Form - Individual
  • Skill Assessment Form – Group
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion (Mail Merge)
  • Certificate of Completion Data Source
  • Training Evaluation Data Collection Plan
  • Evaluation Report Communication Plan
  • Training Participant Feedback Form
  • Training Participant Feedback Spreadsheet
  • Training Transfer Survey Form
  • Training Transfer Interview Form
  • Organizational Results Survey Form
  • Level 4 Evaluation Worksheet
  • Training ROI Survey Form
  • Training ROI Worksheet
  • Training Program Evaluation Report
  • Quick Start Guide


    Two page handy reference guide for identifying the Training Evaluation Toolkit files and using them productively as quickly as possible

  • License Agreement


    License terms stipulating usage rights and warranties for Training Evaluation Toolkit


"Clearly Mr Allan's 20 plus years of professional experience in Training and Development comes through crystal clear as he identifies the real world challenges that Training and Development professionals experience in providing effective programs that enhance the organization's performance. He even provides tools for measuring ROI; the measurement of training that continues to grow in importance to prove it's own worth in many organizations."

Amy Peters
Corporate Training Manager
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

"The Training Evaluation Toolkit provides a complete and comprehensive vision of training and its evaluation. The tools featured in the package are well built, simple to use, easy to implement and really get the job done. The Training Evaluation Toolkit allowed me to move to the next step of training evaluation and to perfect the tools already in place at my workplace. This toolkit really met my expectations and I highly recommend it to all potential customers."

Mary Gervais
HR Coordinator

"I am very happy with the products that I bought from your company last year (Training Evaluation Toolkit and Writing Learning Outcomes). The concept/process is uncomplicated, hence I was able to immediately use them in developing and designing a training program as well as measuring the program's effectiveness."

Lorenzo I. Sales
Training and Development
Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.), Inc.

"First Impressions

On opening, I was surprised at the extent of the content, in particular the range of templates that are included in the package (16 in total). A quick read of the introduction described the evaluation model that this tool kit is built around; the very well known and extensively used Donald Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model.

On further review

I like this model for evaluating training programs as it sits well with OJT training and classroom delivery alike. Leslie explains each of the four levels in great detail, living up to his promise of delivering a 'practical guide' to training evaluation. He spends a chapter on each level, detailing the process of assessing training with a significant amount of background detail and considerations for the evaluator. It is an outstanding explanation of Kirkpatrick's model. The chapter on measuring results is particularly noteworthy, explaining how results are often difficult to isolate and can be affected by non-training matters.

I did find the second last chapter, measuring the ROI on training, to be what I would consider as 'theory heavy', most probably because it falls outside the scope of my particular niche. Although it is still approached from a practical angle, the depth is too extensive for the front line trainer, low level training manager and possibly even the small business owner. Don't get me wrong, I do see the need to ensure that the reward for you efforts is worth the resources committed, but if it is too complex, the options are to outsource or overlook.

This is bought quickly back into focus with the last chapter titled 'Program Evaluation and Reporting'. Although short, it is an invaluable inclusion that clearly outlines the importance of reporting on your training activities.

The templates are excellent. Included in the package are blue prints for training data collection and presentation, participant evaluation and feedback, a certificate of completion and training report. If this is your first time evaluating training, then this book will give you the building blocks that you need to gather feed back, complete the assessment, analyse the results and record your findings.


The Training Evaluation Tool Kit is a one-stop tool box for evaluating your training programs, regardless of the size of your organisation. It feels more suited to a medium to large organisation with a regular training schedule, but that's not to say that any benefit would be lost to the small business owner or sole trainer. At a cost of $50 USD, it is priced very reasonably with comparable products (and even some less comparable in quality).

Would I buy it? Yes, for the templates and the explanation of Kirkpatrick's model alone."

Duane Davis
Author of Controlling Training
Source: Training Tools

"I'm always being asked about evaluation and whether I have examples of materials. Although there is already a lot written in this field, including toolkits like the CIPD's, another contribution is always welcome. The style is accessible and practical. The materials straightforward and easily adaptable. The content is mainstream and of the 'how to' variety. I think it will be helpful for those new to evaluation who have been tasked with pulling together an approach to measurement and who would rather not start with a blank sheet.

In some respects the toolkit reminds me of the work of the late Leslie Rae with its sound reasoning and unfussy materials. But quickly the text moves into the higher levels of evaluation and the complexities of measurement. Isolating the effects of training and putting numbers on performance change is not everyone's cup of tea but it certainly has its place. In this respect it is more like Terence Jackson's Evaluation: Relating Training to Business Performance. I don't think this toolkit is better than what has gone before but it is handy having it in an e-book format.

Intangibles and the longer term benefits from things like leadership development do get a mention. But the toolkit is at its strongest in looking at quantitative methods. Personally I have my doubts about whether the investment of time and effort in most RoI exercises are worth it in terms of the value they offer back (how can you set out to measure the value of the training and then not weigh up the cost and value of the evaluation exercise itself). No one ever got a pig fat by weighing it. But if you need to do such an exercise, this toolkit may be as good a start point as anything offered by Jack Phillips.

This book hasn't excited me - that is not what it is about - but I am sure there are many a trainer out there that will be keen to 'borrow' the materials and follow the tips provided. For me, it gets a 3.5 out of 5."

Graham O'Connell
Head of Organisational Learning and Standards
National School of Government Source: Training Zone

"Les Allan's Evaluation Toolkit is one of the best resources I ever encountered. It's comprehensive and you can gear it to your convenience. I highly recommend it."

Diederick Stoel
Chief Executive Officer
ProfitWise International

"I looked at many different training evaluation resources and yours was the best by far. I found the Training Evaluation Toolkit very informative and useful. As a trainer and consultant I want to increase my ability to be competitive and demonstrate effectiveness. The Toolkit did provide me with the information I needed. Thanks so much!"

Dawn Rannie-White
DCR Consulting

"Training Evaluation Toolkit is a comprehensive toolbox for trainers. It has lots of useful and practical training assessment ideas and templates. If you are looking to improve your post training assessment, I suggest you check out Training Evaluation Toolkit immediately."

Hanzo Ng
Sales Ninja Grandmaster
Sales Ninja Training

"To call this just a book is a slight injustice; as the title states it's a toolkit and once you understand the book and appendices it really does become a comprehensive evaluation toolkit suitable both for the trainer or those in the organisation responsible for understanding what the training spend is really doing for the bottomline.

I found the focus of the book very much on measurement, analysis and process which might put some people off – especially if you don't like lots of stats and forumula. The clarity of explanation does allow understanding making it worth any feeling of having to keep 'plodding' through.

Throughout there is strong linkage with Kirkpatricks 4 levels of evaluation, perhaps fitting as that model is now 50 years old. Despite the strong reference to Kirkpatricks it was welcoming to see the focus on the higher levels, often the ones organisations struggle with and hence don't really truly understand the value of training delivered. Again the format of the book and the examples helped with clarity of understanding.

The book makes good reference to the appendices which are basically you're working templates in terms of how to put what the book is teaching into practice.

So if you want to demonstrate bottomline impact of your training its worthwhile taking the time to understand and apply what the book is sharing.

My last point could be classed as personal preference since I find it slightly annoying to read something that is full of American type spelling (z instead of s and not enough m's in programme)!!

Score : I'd give it 4 out of 5"

Dawn Brown, FCIPD
People Consultant
People Development Coaching Limited
Source: Training Zone

"On opening the Toolkit, I was initially put off by the 136 pages my page counter stated that it contained. However, I ploughed into it thinking that I had committed to reviewing it so I had to get on with it... I needn't have worried: the book is very readable, easy to understand and is presented in a very logical format. Topic areas are 'chunked' to aid the reader as well as to enable sections to be explored individually. There is a very comprehensive index that allows the reader to find what they are looking for at a glance - very important and sometimes missing from other books I find. The appendices are very thorough and provide the reader with everything s/he could need to be able to conduct a professional and methodical evaluation of training.

If I had one complaint (more of a personal niggle to be honest) it would be that the statistically heavy sections do take a bit of perseverance to get through - but I put this down to my own 'resistance to the maths' rather than the content, as Leslie Allan explains everything very well. I feel that the author has provided everything that the trainer-evaluator could require, including template certificates that link to mail merge - handy. So, in summary, I would say that, for the internal trainer wanting to ensure a systematic appraisal of delivery is conducted, they could do much worse than buy this book, which I would rate as a 4.5 out of 5 - very good."

Jane Barker
Drug Training Coordinator
Wolverhampton Drug Training Unit
Source: Training Zone

"Companies spend a lot of effort, time and money training their employees, but how can they be sure that the training has been successful and effective?

Manager, consultant and trainer Leslie Allan's toolkit is a helpful way to measure and report the effectiveness of a training program. The toolkit consists of an eBook and several customizable Microsoft Word forms and Excel calculation worksheets, including certificate templates for trainees. These forms are fully re-usable.

From evaluating your training impact to measuring learning and behavior, and on to analysing results and return on investment, the author discusses these topics and more.

Resources include:

  • planning and stakeholder communication templates
  • data collection forms for each evaluation level
  • participant skill assessment forms
  • charting and analysis worksheets for both financial and non-financial data
  • reporting templates for reporting results persuasively and professionally

I found the book well-structured, focused and informative, while Allan's writing is straightforward and to the point. His list of subjects is pretty comprehensive. I found the forms to be practical, helpful and easy to use.

This toolkit is aimed at both novice and experienced professionals, from learning and human resource managers to development consultants and instructional designers.

Think of this toolkit as a step-by-step guide to measuring training programs. If you're a trainer, you'll definitely want to consider purchasing this toolkit."

Mayra Calvani
Source: MyShelf.Com

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Training Evaluation Toolkit Plus
From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance

Want to measure the impact of training and improve the effectiveness of your programs? Check out From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance by the same author. This expanded resource kit is packed with ideas, tools and templates for implementing effective organizational learning. The Training Evaluation Toolkit forms Chapters 8 to 14 of this larger toolkit.


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About the Author
Leslie Allan

Leslie Allan has been assisting organizations improve their capability for over 20 years. He has contributed in various roles as manager, consultant and trainer within the manufacturing and service industries, both for public and private sector organizations. On the people side, Leslie has set up and managed training functions for leading multinationals. His achievements include reducing online learning costs by 80% and increasing employee course completions by 540%. Taking a strategic approach to investing training resources also led him to develop a best practice model for training functions.

Leslie's external and internal consulting roles have seen him lead successful projects in strategic planning, workplace communications, and quality and HR information systems. He is also a seasoned instructional designer and trainer, having taught a variety of programs in both vocational colleges and industry.

Leslie is a prolific writer on business issues, with many journal and web articles to his credit. He is also the author of five books on employee capability, training and change management. Leslie currently serves as Divisional Council Member for the Australian Institute of Training and Development and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management and the American Society for Quality. Leslie may be contacted by email at

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Training Evaluation Toolkit Complimentary Chapter

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From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance

Get two books in one with our practical guide and toolkit for maximizing training impact.

From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance

The complete Training Evaluation Toolkit forms Chapters 8 to 14 and our best practice guide and tools for implementing effective organizational learning forms Chapters 1 to 7.

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