Career Enrichment Tool Kit

The Career Enrichment Tool Kit is a step-by-step self-paced career development resource for planning and managing careers.

Use it to work through either on your own or to support your employees through career transition. The tool kit contains a wealth of resource material to guide you in your decision-making and expand your awareness of what you need to do to make your next career change.

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Pamela Frost
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Product Features

Comprehensive Resource

Using this Tool Kit, you and your employees will achieve:

  • understanding their career development needs in terms of the types of career anchors, job roles, working environments and managers that will suit them best
  • capitalizing on what they have to offer in terms of their skills and achievements, motivations, values and personal qualities
  • exploring the various options that are available to them for enriching their career and experience of work
  • writing a career development plan that lays the groundwork for their future actions
  • ensuring that their resume is the best reflection of their package of skills and talents and positions them for their desired next job role
  • learning about internal networking, submitting job applications and making direct approaches to people about potential career opportunities
  • performing well in job interviews by preparing thoroughly and knowing how to handle difficult questions, and
  • ongoing career management through managing performance expectations and perceptions, mentoring and coaching and continuing professional development

Chapters 1 to 4

The Preparation stage will see the participant:

  • clarify their career direction
  • conduct initial job market research
  • identify target organizations
  • adjust their job resume and applications
  • brief their referees, and
  • gain a positive mindset

Chapters 5 to 7

The Action stage will see the participant:

  • access the visible and the hidden job markets
  • develop and utilize networks
  • tailor marketing letters and job applications
  • manage recruiters
  • prepare for job interviews
  • celebrate achievements
7-Step Career Development Model

Who Uses this Tool Kit?

Anyone contemplating career change or managing the career paths of employees, including:

  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Practitioners
  • Careers Advisers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Career-minded Individuals

Take Charge of Career Change

Career management is ultimately a joint responsibility between employer and employee. Business is changing so rapidly and the level of competition is intensifying to the extent that the idea that an employer could map out a long-term career path for each employee with exact step-by-step roles is clearly not realistic. Things never stay constant enough for this to happen.

The employer is an enabler when it comes to career management. The role of the employer in supporting career development is to provide guidance and tools to help identify the right career direction for each employee.

This tool kit is a resource that provides a structure for each employee to get clear on what they want in their career. And then to give them the confidence, knowledge and skills to take appropriate action. In addition, this resource will support your employees in mapping out the specific career development needs that they have as well as in planning and executing their learning strategies. Suitable for use in organizations wanting a career transition resource and by individuals seeking their next career change.

Practical career transition templates and guides

Practical Application

The Tool Kit contains a wealth of templates and guides to help you every step of the way, including:

  • Career Goals Worksheet
  • Achievement Writing Worksheet
  • Skills Worksheet
  • Values Worksheet
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Personal Brand Statement
  • Role Specification Worksheet
  • Self Marketing Plan
  • Resume Samples
  • Referee Briefing Guidelines

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Product Contents

This section lists all of the items contained within the supplied Career Enrichment Tool Kit zip file.

  • Career Enrichment Tool Kit


    Self-paced 183 page career development resource for planning and managing career transitions

  • Career Enrichment Tool Kit – Notes


    Notepad for recording goals, action plans and personal notes as you progress through the practical information and exercises contained within the Career Enrichment Tool Kit

  • Career Enrichment Tool Kit Overview


    Illustration of the process model used and an overview of each chapter in the resource kit

  • License Agreement


    License terms stipulating usage rights and warranties for Career Enrichment Tool Kit


"I found the Career Enrichment Toolkit a valuable resource to develop my skills and confidence, which helped me to achieve my short-term goals."

Anushya Rajmohan
Library Technician

"I used this tool kit at a time when I was reevaluating my career and was keen to take a pro-active approach in my next career move. I found the toolkit extremely useful as it allowed me to step back and consider what I wanted from my working life and what was important to me. Not only did I achieve a role that I am really enjoying, I also believe that I have successfully taken on a role that fulfills my short- and longer-term career goals."

Jacqui Mcgill
Quality Improvement Coordinator

"I completed the Career Enrichment Toolkit as part of a Career Development Program when on a contract at Victoria University. The toolkit helped me to take a step back from the everyday tasks at work and think about where I was and where I really wanted to be. When my contract ended, I changed career paths from marketing in the public sector to fundraising and communications in the not-for-profit sector, where I am reaping the rewards by finding new challenges as well as opportunities."

Nicole Alfreds
Marketing Professional

Licensing and Copyright

Your use of Career Enrichment Tool Kit is strictly governed by the terms of the product's License Agreement. A Single User License allows one coaching candidate or training program participant to use the software as a career coaching resource and to print out one copy only of the PDF Tool Kit.

For example, if your organization is conducting a training course for 30 employees using the Tool Kit, your organization will need to purchase 30 licenses. When ordering online, enter "30" in the Quantity field. If ordering by telephone, tell the customer service representative that you require 30 licenses. Quantity discounts apply when you purchase more than one license.

The License Agreement prohibits you from selling, renting, lending or distributing the product and from installing the software on a computer network. This product is also protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. We retain full copyright in all of our materials and strictly prohibit the making of unauthorized copies.

Please note that this is a summary only of the license provisions and is not meant to interpret the meaning of or replace any or all of the license terms specified in the product's License Agreement. Please read the product's License Agreement prior to purchase as no refunds are given on the basis that you did not read or understand the License Agreement.

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Product License Agreement

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General License Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

Special Licenses

Product Support

Product Enquiries

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about the content of this product and its application to your specific circumstances.

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Consulting Assistance

Whether you are experiencing your own career journey or you need help with managing the career paths of your employees in your organization, our team of expert consultants, coaches and trainers are ready to assist.

Our associates are leaders in their respective fields, having earned the respect of both clients and peers. Each consultant delivers services with the highest professional standards and an emphasis on results.

  • Colin Beames
  • Jennifer McCoy
  • Geoff Hopkins
  • Maree Harris
  • Chris Bennett
  • Sue James
  • Peter Spence

Contact us now for assistance in selecting the right consultant for your needs.

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Program Requirements:

PDF reader

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About the Author
Pamela Frost

Pamela Frost has 15 years' experience in organizational development, leadership development, career transition, coaching and capability enhancement. Until recently, she held the position of National Learning and Development Manager for Telstra Mobiles and prior to that served as the Career Development Manager for the University of Wollongong.

She specializes in career development and enrichment, and employee engagement. Working primarily with executives and groups to explore their career development aspirations and potential pathways, Pamela helps them build the skills, confidence and courage they need to take the steps to improve vitality, work-life balance and personal effectiveness.

She is able to work comfortably and effectively with a range of human performance tools and models. Pamela is an accredited practitioner for Team Management Index and Type of Work, BIOSS – Career Path Appreciation and Levels of Work, as well as DiSC.

She is passionate about working with people and organizations to enable them to make greater levels of contribution and achieve levels of deeper meaning in their lives and work. Pamela works with people to awaken their spirit, helping them to claim their dreams and aspirations. She challenges assumptions, self-limiting beliefs and conventional wisdom in an empathic, nurturing and highly creative manner.

Pamela's undergraduate qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Law. Her post-graduate achievements include a Master of Commerce in Human Resource Management and a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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Career Enrichment Tool Kit Overview

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Career Enrichment Tool Kit Overview

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