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We welcome you to this edition of our Business Performance eNews. This month is an exciting month for us. We are planning major improvements and feature enhancements to our flagship project management tool, Project Master. Read below to find out more and how you can join the Beta testing program. Watch this space and the News section of our web site for announcements about this major upgrade.

This month, we also conclude our three part series on managing change in today's organisations. Over the last two issues, change management expert, Joan Dobbie, explored how low levels of trust impact the viability of change initiatives. This month, Joan gets down to practicalities, examining five key strategies for building trust where mistrust and suspicion threaten to derail your change program.

Plus, we introduce you to our coaching and communications expert, Sue James. Find out what Sue is up to in Meet Our Expert of the Month.

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Key Strategies for Building Trust in Change Programs

by Joan Dobbie

In previous articles, I examined the critical role of organisational trust in successful change and how it impacts change strategy. We saw how change managers can play a significant role in helping organisations rebuild trust through strategic change programs. In this article, I will discuss practical strategies that change managers can use to incorporate these concepts into their change management programs to increase the likelihood of success.

Before commencing a change management plan, it's important to understand the current organisational culture. Is this a high-trust organisation? Are there trust issues? What caused these issues? What if anything is being done to address these issues? Integrate organisational trust analysis into your change readiness or organisation culture assessment. There are a number of readily available, simple, organisational trust assessments you can use. Use follow up interviews to analyse areas of concern and understand the background and causes of any trust related issues.

Active and visible sponsorship is a vital ingredient for success, and change sponsors will play a critical role in change management strategies. When selecting change sponsors, or assessing a sponsor's change management capability, credibility and trust need to be considered. Ideally, credibility and trust will have been considered when selecting the change sponsor, but this won't always be possible. Holding open, honest and frank discussions with change sponsors about these issues is important in building trust between the change team and the change sponsor. From the very beginning, change managers need to build trusted advisor relationships with their change sponsors, key stakeholders and the broader organisation.

Use the information gathered about current levels of organisational trust to select appropriate strategies that will either rebuild or strengthen trust. Change managers can't rebuild organisational trust. Only the organisation's leaders can do this. What change managers can do, with strong leadership support, is incorporate trust building strategies, such as the following, into their change management plans:

Continue reading the five key strategies for building trust in your organisation.

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"To date, Managing Change in the Workplace is the best resource I have found anywhere to help me do my work. I am more confident when I approach assignments now than I had ever been before. I would recommend the guide to anyone involved in change management without any reservations."

Cindy Emmanuel McLean, Change Management Consultant

Project Master Version 3.0 Coming Soon

Project Master Version 3.0

We recently released the Beta version of our upgraded project management tool. Join the Project Master Beta testing program now to experience all of the new features and benefits of the new version. You may be an existing user of Project Master or about to manage your first project. In either case, we want your feedback on the new tool. When you give us feedback that helps us deliver a more useful and reliable product, you will receive a significant discount on your purchase of the final release.

Register now by sending the following details to

  • your name
  • the name of your organization
  • the size and nature of your current project (optional)
  • your contact information (bona fide email only; no gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

Visit the Beta testing program blog to find out more.

With the new version, we build on Project Master's core features. These include helping you:

  • create and manage your project schedule and task allocations
  • automatically draw a schedule timeline (Gantt chart)
  • monitor and report on your project costs
  • manage your project changes, risks and issues all in one place
  • produce and distribute a range of automated schedule and budget reports
  • create schedule and budget charts and a one-page summary report

With Version 3.0, we improved the interface, strengthened data protection and added many new features. The key enhancements mean you can now:

  • get your project started easily with the New Project Wizard
  • navigate around Project Master with the new navigation index
  • easily copy reports and charts into your other documents
  • enjoy greater protection of your project data from corruption
  • see your local currency symbol in all reports and charts
  • import your project data from other sources
  • export your project data into a standard format

Be one of the first to try out the new features and benefits for yourself. Register for the Beta testing program now.

Meet Our Expert of the Month - Sue James

Sue James

This month, we proudly feature Sue James. Sue is a highly skilled facilitator and consultant with many years of experience working with businesses and nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about possibilities, helping people work with the day-to-day practicalities of what is achievable right here and now while also holding a vision of what's possible for the future.

Sue explains her approach, "When any group of people come together they bring with them different world views, perspectives, energies and skills. In my workshops, my aim throughout is to help the group make progress together, moving beyond adversarial thinking to 'higher ground' where shared goals, collaboration and transformative change are possible."

Sue and her partner, Chris Bennett, are developing two new programs for delivery in 2013. Appreciative Performance Management takes a strengths-focused approach for supporting and challenging your staff to achieve their greatest potential. The Appreciative Life - Reflect, Reframe, Re-energize, draws on the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry to help you strengthen your resilience, self-efficacy and well-being. Contact us today to find out more about the program or how Sue James can help you.

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