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eNews September 2012

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Welcome to the September edition of our Business Performance eNews. We extend an especially warm welcome if you are one of the many subscribers joining us for the first time. This month, we are very proud to announce our latest product release. Our new Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack is for anyone struggling to get a seat at the executive table. We have spent much time and effort fine-tuning this HR strategy and outsourcing pack so that it provides maximum value to your organization. Please check it out below.

This month, we also continue our theme of building your organization's innovation and creativity capability. Our innovation expert, Andy Beaulieu, explores the types of roles and structures your organization needs to create to ensure the success of your innovation projects.

Business Performance Team

Do you need help with your current or future project? Are you looking for a professional trainer, facilitator or coach? Check out our dedicated team of experts ready to assist you in a variety of specialized fields. In this issue, we introduce you to one of our experts, Colin Beames, author of our new Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack. Find out what Colin is up to in Meet Our Expert of the Month.

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New Human Capital Product Release

Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack

This month, we are very pleased to announce the release of our new strategic HR product; our Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack. This Pack is intended for HR, recruitment and outsourcing specialists endeavoring to extract greater value from their human resources. Since the GFC, organizations are under even more pressure to manage more effectively their greatest cost on their ledger; their human capital. The new Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack goes beyond the usual "one-size-fits-all" mind-set with a best-practice segmentation model based on skills.

Colin Beames, the Pack's author, explains it this way: "Employees now come in all shapes and sizes, such as permanents, casuals, part-timers, contractors and consultants. The workforce is now more diverse and mobile. However, managers want to 'have their cake and eat it' in terms of both a flexible and committed workforce. Dealing with these workforce management challenges and complexities calls for a more sophisticated and differentiated approach to the management of people. With this new Pack, human resources folk can become a true business partner and aspire towards a 'seat at the table', making a real difference to business outcomes." You can find out more and purchase the Pack by visiting the Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack info page.

Andy Beaulieu

Innovation Infrastructure and Skills: In Search of a Few Good People

by Andy Beaulieu

Creating a reliable capability for innovation requires that a number of factors be addressed and aligned. This article addresses infrastructure and skills, but equally important are other elements such as strategy, leadership, culture, process, and so on. My article, Eight Key Dimensions to Sustainable Innovation, lays out an eight-element framework detailing each of these key factors.

At Google, employees are expected to spend up to 20% of their time on side projects of their own choosing. Managers provide input and support, and colleagues jump in to assist on hot ideas when additional viewpoints or skills are needed. Innovation is everyone's responsibility -- and it's treated very seriously.

You are not Google.

Chances are that most of your employees need to focus on delivering high-quality customer service or executing defined processes in a reliable and predictable way. There's space for innovation, but it isn't going to become a major activity for a lot of people. Instead, you need a few people focused on innovation, with others involved in a specific, time-limited way. Key infrastructure and skills include:

  • top leadership team to set policy and make key decisions
  • designated leader for innovation
  • innovation champions throughout the organization
  • cadre of facilitators to guide innovation activities
  • project team members to tackle selected innovation opportunities
  • active involvement of customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders

Taking care to establish this infrastructure will create accountability and engagement and prevent that "martyr syndrome" that often occurs when a program head is left to scurry around recruiting volunteers and currying attention.

Read the rest of Andy Beaulieu's article on innovation infrastructure and skills.

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Training Evaluation ToolkitOur Training Evaluation Toolkit is a complete practical guide and toolkit for measuring and reporting the impact of your workplace training programs. With it, you will be able to demonstrate the impact of training on productivity, efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, and so on, and convert benefits to financial values. The toolkit is packaged with a full set of reusable and customizable forms and calculation worksheets that you will use from the start to the finish of your training evaluation project. Find out more about our Training Evaluation Toolkit and download the free introductory chapter today.

Meet Our Expert of the Month - Colin Beames

Colin Beames

Have you met our team of expert consultants, coaches and trainers? This month we proudly feature Colin Beames. Colin is a leading human capital, workforce trends, engagement and retention specialist. He has consulted to a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including both public and private organizations. Colin has worked with a number of organizations to assist them in adopting a more strategic approach to managing their workforce and developing their Human Capital Strategic Plans.

He is a registered psychologist and holds a masters degree in Business Administration, an honors degree in Arts and an honors degree in Engineering. Colin is also a prolific author and has just completed his latest in a series of human resources tools and resources. His recently released Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack is meant for HR professionals who want to get more value from their organization's human capital. Colin is also conducting a series of workshops this month on How to Develop a Human Capital Strategic Plan. Contact us today to find out more about the workshops and how Colin Beames can help you with your HR strategy and planning.

Visit our web site at www.BusinessPerform.com for lots of expert guidance and practical tools designed to help you get ahead of your competition. Also, be sure to pass this newsletter on to friends and colleagues who want to stay up with what's on. From all of us here on the Business Performance team, we wish you a productive month and look forward to communicating with you again soon.


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