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August 2011

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Welcome to this edition of our monthly newsletter. We extend an especially warm welcome to our new readers.

The recent News of the World phone hacking debacle has raised questions again about the effectiveness of corporate governance practices. What role, for example, did News Corporation's Independent Directors play in ensuring the organization met its statutory, legal and ethical obligations? Others have raised questions about the role of Human Resources executives. Our first article this month reviews the charge that Human Resources has been asleep at the wheel.

Our second article is equally pertinent to News of the World's predicament. To what extent were employees pressured into acting unethically in the pursuit of higher profits? How prevalent is bullying in our workplaces today? Read on to find out the alarming results of a recent survey into bullying and tips on what you can do to minimize the risk in your organization.

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HR Under Attack Over Phone Hacking Scandal

There is no doubt that the News of the World phone hacking scandal has raised many questions, particularly in regard to corporate ethics. While executives and the senior management team of the former newspaper are under severe scrutiny over these revelations, business ethicist, Professor Roger Steare, argues that Human Resources should take a large portion of the blame for this, and other major corporate collapses.

Professor Steare maintains that the ethical standards of an organization are the responsibility of HR professionals. However, is he right when he says, "HR are delinquents when it comes to ethics."? The professor believes that HR has taken a back seat when it comes to ethics in the workplace and, as a result, company leaders alone are shouldering the responsibility for workplace behaviour. While the professor does acknowledge that management are ultimately accountable for the ethical standards within their companies, he points out that it is the job of HR professionals to advise leaders in regard to the conduct of their employees.

Continue reading the HR Under Attack article

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Study Reveals Workplace Bullying Is Alive and Well

The issue of workplace bullying is one that has been around for quite some time. However, the question that needs to be asked is whether it is an issue that has been adequately addressed by employers and HR departments from a management perspective. A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder.com indicates that bullying within the workplace is all too prevalent and that there is a definite need for management teams to work to promote a culture of zero-tolerance of this practice within organizations.

The survey carried out by CareerBuilder.com between February and March of 2011, which involved just over 5,600 employees in Chicago, showed that 27% of participants have experienced recent bullying in the workplace. The study also revealed that the main culprits of workplace bullying are bosses and immediate supervisors, with 14% of workers saying that they have been bullied by someone in a supervisory role. What is also alarming about this study is that out of the 28% of participants who said that they reported the bullying to their HR departments, 62% said that no action was taken to resolve the issue.

Continue reading the Workplace Bullying article

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HR Under Attack Over Phone Hacking Scandal Study Reveals Workplace Bullying Is Alive and Well
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