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February 2011

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Welcome to this edition of our Business Performance newsletter. With the United States currently wracked with ice storms and Australia suffering from the dual brunt of floods and cyclone Yasi, our thoughts go out to all of you suffering losses. Sad to say, we have not seen the end of these freak weather events. Please ensure that your disaster plans are in place and up to date.

In this issue, we address the incongruence that many of us face with the continual stream of money we put into computer purchases and upgrades and the absence of improved productivity we get in return. Our article provides helpful and practical advice for all of us facing this dilemma.

Many organizations are taking a new look at how they nurture their best talent and improve employee performance. You may be in this situation. Our second article this month shares the critical questions that need to be asked and answered if your organization is to design a performance management system that truly meets your organization's needs.

Some of you may not be aware of our employee performance diagnostic flow chart. Our third article introduces you to this very simple, yet highly effective complimentary tool. If you have any questions that you would like answered, send them to us at submissions@businessperform.com

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Overcoming the Productivity Paradox

The well-known productivity paradox highlights how significant investments in computer infrastructure have not been met with increases in employee productivity. Many of us have felt this paradox in our own business. I have heard the complaint many times: we spend a lot of money in constant computer and software upgrades and in training our staffs and yet our productivity never seems to get better. In fact, it goes backward as we all learn the new systems.

Here are my tips for beating the productivity paradox in your business. First, remember that it is only to be expected productivity will go down whilst new computer systems are bedded in and employees learn how to use them. To shorten this implementation and learning phase, spend your efforts on these key activities:

Continue reading the helpful productivity tips

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Performance Management System Design Checklist

We all want to improve the performance of our people in our organizations. Now that many businesses are recovering from the Global Financial Crisis, some are looking to implement a Performance Management System (PMS) in their organization for the first time. Judging by the questions I see, some executives and HR managers seem to think that one size fits all; that there is one best design of a Performance Management System. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every organization is different in its culture, history, capabilities, budget and resource constraints.

My approach is to encourage the human resources people to sit down with the executive team and ask and answer each of the following questions. The questions below form a checklist of factors to consider when designing a new system. Only then will you be in a position to decide how the Performance Management System should look in your organization.

Continue reading the checklist questions

Succession Planner softwareDo you have people in your organization that you want to cultivate into a leadership role but don't know how to manage the process? Or are you looking to provide a career path for your employees but don't know where to start? Our Succession Planner software will help you manage your entire succession planning effort. From initially identifying your succession positions through to analyzing and reporting succession progress, this tool does it all. Find out more and download the free Succession Planner demo version today.

Diagnosing Poor Work Performance

One of the most difficult jobs for a manager is dealing with poor employee performance. For some managers, this is the most hated aspect of their job. However, wherever poor work performance is not properly diagnosed and confronted, the costs are great in lost productivity, rising customer complaints and lost profits. The simple employee performance diagnostic tool below can assist managers in better uncovering the causes of poor performance and managing employee performance issues. The flow chart is best used to guide a structured discussion with the poorly performing employee during a face-to-face performance discussion. You can use this chart to structure the following kinds of performance discussions:

  • formal performance appraisals
  • disciplinary interviews
  • counselling sessions
  • ad hoc feedback sessions

Check out the complete Employee Performance Diagnostic Flow Chart

2 Way Feedback e-bookAre you looking to improve the competency of your managers or your own ability to engage employees? Check out our 2 Way Feedback e-book. This practical guide will show you in concrete terms how to create a communication culture in which all will want to contribute their best. Find out more about 2 Way Feedback and download today.

Visit our web site at www.businessperform.com for lots of expert guidance and practical tools designed to help you get ahead of your competition. Also, be sure to pass this newsletter on to friends and colleagues who want to stay up with what's on. From all of us here on the Business Performance team, we wish you a productive month and look forward to communicating with you again soon.


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