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September 2009

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Welcome to this edition of the Business Performance Pty Ltd monthly newsletter. In this issue, we are excited to announce recent changes that will make your purchasing experience with us even easier. More improvements will be coming on board in the following weeks.

As you continue to meet the challenges of a heavily dampened economy, we are also pleased to devote this issue to employee career planning and development. Smart organizations are finding that when times are tough, helping employees articulate their life aspirations and explore their career choices is an effective way of reinvigorating their people. Our first article explores the connection between career enrichment and employee engagement. The second article this month presents a case study of an iconic brand that implemented an individualized career enrichment program. Read on to find out their surprising results. Lastly, we are proud to offer our dedicated readers a substantial discount on our career enrichment guide and workbook.

On-line Purchasing Enhancements

In addition to the variety of payment options we make available to our customers, our payment processor has now added Alipay and Webmoney to the forms of credit we accept. Our on-line order form is also now much simpler, making your purchases even more convenient. Remember, our payment processor uses industry best-practice security protocols and you can download your product as soon as your payment is verified.

Career Enrichment as a Lever to Lift Employee Engagement

by Pamela Frost

Never before has it been so critical for organisations to take an individualised approach to career enrichment. The reason is because demand for people has well and truly outstripped the supply of the right people at the right time needed to produce the right results.

On the supply side, many organisations are struggling with the human resource pressures placed by an ageing population, skills shortages, cost-cutting, the casualisation of the workplace, as well as offshore outsourcing. Furthermore, thanks to the advent of technology and globalization, our supply of labour is shriveling, with the best of our talent being attracted to better opportunities and more dollars overseas.

The nature of supply is also changing, with our employees becoming more sophisticated, aware and educated. But contrary to popular opinion, it is not just Generation Y which is leading the reform agenda. All generations are seeking and demanding work that is more meaningful, stimulating and challenging and that allows for purpose and fun.

The wave of redundancies over the last 20 years has some perhaps unforeseen repercussions of which we are only now experiencing the tsunami effect. People who may have experienced more than two redundancies in the last few years are now more confident in changing roles; particularly those working in the IT, telecommunications, banking and finance industries. What they have learnt in the process is to downgrade the value and importance of their loyalty and commitment to an employer. This diminishing of employee engagement does not stop here because the same thing has happened for their loved ones and anyone else who may have been negatively impacted by their.

Climate change, acts of terrorism, increased divorce rates, increased incidences of mental illness, along with other factors, have also impacted the human psyche. People are increasingly asking questions, such as, “Why am I putting myself through this?” and “Where can I find meaningful work?” The reason why more and more people are asking these questions in workshops and coaching sessions is because their current organisations are no longer fulfilling some of their fundamental motivational needs. The motivational dissonance being created is causing them to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Click here to read the full article.

Canon Triggers Employee Self-Discovery Strategy

by Nicole Elsley

In the course of these turbulent times and economic uncertainty, many employees feel anxious about their future, constrained and frustrated in their career, and may subsequently become disengaged. For organisations endeavoring to save costs, whilst increasing revenues and profitability, this can be a very complicated and delicate situation.

Disbursing millions of dollars in redundancy payouts is not necessarily the best or most effective solution for the organisation to stay competitive, or for employees to maintain their resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Canon Australia recently embarked on a unique journey to inspire and stimulate their employees to take responsibility and ownership for their careers, which has heightened relevance in the current business climate.

Canon Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese-based Canon Incorporated Group, a market leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions. The principles of San-ji underpin its culture. San-ji essentially means that employees should embrace the three tenets of self-awareness, self-motivation and self-management.

In 2006, a number of employees at Canon Australia were seeking opportunities to revitalise their career. Canon needs employees who recognise and appreciate their current level of engagement, and the impact of that engagement on their performance and that of others.

Taking responsibility for their own engagement could mean any of the following:

  • having a career conversation with their manager
  • changing jobs through a secondment, transfer or promotion
  • actively seeking a change of career.
The need for a tailored career enrichment program was therefore conceived.

The “i-Choose” Career Enrichment Program

The i-Choose program was developed and customised by the specialist company in employee engagement, work and life enrichment programs, Because. It set out to integrate the San-ji tenets into its career enrichment program.

The program targeted people who may have been experiencing a career plateau, desiring a career transition or who were ready for the next career step. The program involved a comprehensive review of their talents, capabilities, aspirations and career opportunities, and enabled them to make a choice about whether they wanted to:

  • stay and re-engage in their current role
  • explore other opportunities within Canon Australia
  • exit the organisation.
The program was designed around six “Cs” – key development steps:

  1. Contemplate their career journey and the talents and wisdom they have accumulated along the way
  2. Explore their convictions and what drives and motivates them
  3. Consider all of the opportunities to enrich their experience of work
  4. Contribute their talents and unique gifts in a meaningful way
  5. Create a powerful and compelling vision and action plan for their future
  6. Conquer obstacles along the way and prepare for a conversation with their manager.
The premise of the program was that people do not have to leave their roles to be more engaged. Career enrichment starts in their current job, as there are ample opportunities to do things differently which enhance meaning and job satisfaction.

According to Pamela Frost, Director of Because, the program honours and regards every person as an individual who can make a significant difference in their career and personal lives. She says, “Some people seek opportunities to innovate and redesign their roles. Others realise that staying in either their role or the organisation is placing too much of a drain on themselves and their organisation, and they decide to leave. The critical thing is that the program supports them to make a choice that is right for them.”

The i-Choose program was structured around three half-day workshops and included a confidential one-on-one coaching session. Individual levels of engagement were measured during the program using the innovative Work Engagement Tool™, created by Because, and participants used the Career Enrichment Toolkit developed by Because to guide choices for development options.

Click here to read the full case study.

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The toolkit is packed with invaluable guidance and resources that will help you take stock of your current position, map out your specific career development needs and then plan and execute your career enrichment strategies.

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“I used this tool kit at a time when I was reevaluating my career and was keen to take a pro-active approach in my next career move. I found the toolkit extremely useful as it allowed me to step back and consider what I wanted from my working life and what was important to me. Not only did I achieve a role that I am really enjoying, I also believe that I have successfully taken on a role that fulfills my short- and longer-term career goals.”

   –Jacqui Mcgill, Quality Improvement Coordinator

Be sure to pass this newsletter on to friends and colleagues who want to stay up with what’s on. From all of us here on the Business Performance team, we wish you a productive month and look forward to communicating with you again soon.


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