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October 2008

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Welcome to our monthly newsletter from all of us on the Business Performance P/L team. We trust that you are weathering the current financial storm in global markets. Wherever you are in the world, having the right people, solid processes and robust systems should stand you in good stead as we deal with these difficult times. As you can appreciate, it is now more important than ever to hold on to and develop your most valuable people. Be sure to check out the upcoming leadership succession planning workshops being conducted by our senior associate, Andy Beaulieu.

Also in this issue, our Managing Director takes a tongue in cheek look at PowerPoint presentations. We have all had to deliver presentations at some point in our professional working lives. Leslie draws some very valuable lessons for us all to take away.

Leadership Succession Planning Workshops

Andy Beaulieu photoOur succession planning expert and author of our Succession Planner is running Leadership Succession Planning workshops in the Washington DC area. The first workshop will run November 12 and 13 and is designed to get you up and running with your first succession plan implementation.

Here is what you will get from attending this workshop:

  • Devise your succession planning strategy.
  • Learn a straightforward succession planning process, and adapt it for immediate use in your organization.
  • Ensure your success by learning critical “dos and don’ts” of succession planning.
  • Take away an implementation plan to put into action right away.

Succession Planner succession planning toolkitParticipants in the inaugural November workshop will save 40% on the normal workshop pricing. Register now for the special price of US $595 and also receive a free copy of our succession planning toolkit, Succession Planner. Spaces are limited to the first 12 people to register, so don’t wait. Register by sending your details to andy@businessperform.com now. (Include your name, company name, city and contact phone number.) To find out more, visit our Leadership Succession Planning Workshop web page at www.businessperform.com/html/succession_planning_workshop.html.

About the Workshop Facilitator

Andy Beaulieu has over 20 years of performance improvement experience. In his various roles, he has consulted to management, helped groups form and succeed, developed leaders, managed change initiatives and reengineered business processes. His work has seen him develop and implement large-scale tools and systems to improve organizational effectiveness in well-known organizations across a variety of industries. Andy earned a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science as well as other undergraduate degrees and certifications in a variety of management and behavioral systems. He has also authored nine chapters in books distributed by major publishers and has written several articles and government reports. Andy may be contacted at andy@businessperform.com.

How to Use PowerPoint to Win Over Your Audience – Leslie Allan

Over the years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations given by many different people. Some presentations were project debriefs, some were training sessions, whilst others were information seminars. And this list of applications is only the tip of the iceberg of the many purposes for which I have seen PowerPoint used. With such versatility, it’s no wonder PowerPoint is the presentation software of choice for most.

I’m pleased to report that with all of this first hand experience under my belt, I am ready to distill for you the 10 leading practices used to make a presentation unforgettable. Here is how you can make your next presentation just that little bit more memorable.

1. Use 10 point font liberally on all of your slides

This neat little trick gives you a key advantage over your competitors. It forces people to occupy the seats nearest you, up close so that they can get every subtle nuance of your presentation. And if the presentation is not relevant to them, you may as well make the best use of their time by testing their vision whilst they are there.

2. Don't tell your audience where you are taking them

Make sure that you launch straight into your presentation. Summarizing first what you will be talking about and what participants will get out of your session is just a big time waster. Furthermore, there is nothing better to generate interest in your talk than shrouding the purpose of your session in mystery.

3. Read every word on every one of your slides

This trick demonstrates unmistakably that you know your subject inside out. Remember also, not everyone can read as well as you, so helping the linguistically challenged will score you extra brownie points.

4. Display your slides throughout the entire presentation

Fiddling around with the “B” key to blank the slides when you think you don’t need them only risks you hitting the wrong key and losing your slides. And then how silly will you look. Most importantly, always having the slides showing emphasizes the preeminent importance of the slides over and above the other trifling activities, such as demonstrations, exercises, answering questions, and so on.

5. Cram as much information on each slide as possible

People are hungry for information and they expect you to deliver as much as possible in the time available. Every square millimeter of space, therefore, is precious. So don’t waste it by not filling it with text or a graphic or anything that you can get your hands on.

To read all ten tips, click here for the full article.

About This Month's Author

Leslie Allan is Managing Director of Business Performance Pty Ltd. He has been assisting organizations for over 20 years, contributing in various roles as project manager, consultant and trainer for organizations large and small. Leslie is a seasoned instructional designer and facilitator, having taught a variety of programs in both vocational colleges and industry. He is also the author of five books on employee capability, training and change management. You can contact Leslie at office@businessperform.com.

From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance toolkitTo find out about many other strategies for improving the effectiveness of your training presentations, check out Leslie’s highly practical toolkit, From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance. It provides a comprehensive collection of ideas, tools and templates for implementing high impact training programs. To find out more about From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance, visit the product page at www.businessperform.com/html/effective_training_tools.html

If you haven’t already downloaded our latest Product Catalogue, download it now from www.businessperform.com/BPCatalogue.pdf. Be sure to pass this newsletter on to friends and colleagues who want to stay up with what’s on. From all of us here on the Business Performance team, we wish you a productive month and look forward to communicating with you again soon.

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