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Business Performance P/L Announces Project Master Software Release

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August 01, 2013

Business Performance P/L Announces Project Master Software Release

Business consulting firm Business Performance P/L this week announced the latest update to their popular Microsoft Excel-based project management software.

Project Master Index and Gantt Chart

Melbourne, Australia – At a time when most projects either implode or fail to meet their objectives, project managers and project teams need all the help they can get. Business Performance P/L led the way this week with the new release of their project management tool, Project Master.

Project Master is a niche solution for people wanting the middle ground. It is much more than the glorified task lists masquerading as project management tools and it is much less expensive and complex than the corporate heavyweights. Business Performance P/L is able to offer Project Master at a very affordable price because the software is built upon Microsoft Excel.

At the launch, the company's Managing Director, Leslie Allan, explained, "Project Master encompasses all of the core activities for managing projects effectively. It helps project managers create task lists and assign activities, track and report activity status and paint Gantt Charts. Project managers can also track and report project milestones and budget expenditures. Unlike the simpler tools, Project Master includes tracking sheets for change control, risk management and issues management. These aspects of project management are often neglected, putting at serious risk the success of the project."

Project Master is set up to produce at the click of a button many reports and charts. These include task reports sorted by task owner, planned start date and status. Expenditure reports show expense details sorted by date and status along with a budget variance report. Project Managers and administrators can easily tailor any report or chart to their requirements or even create new reports and charts.

Project Master Version 3.0 features many new enhancements. For example, it now includes a data migration wizard. The wizard takes all the hassle out of importing previous project data into Project Master and exporting it into another workbook. In addition, customers upgrading from a previous version of Project Master can now transfer their data into the new version easily and very quickly.

Allan went on to describe another of the many improvements. "We have now consolidated our previous UK and US versions into one international version of Project Master. Now, no matter where you run your projects, Project Master will display all of your project costs in your local currency."

Other significant enhancements include a new style interface, improved navigation, more stable reports and improved data protection and error handling. The addition of the New Project Wizard and Import and Export Wizards also make life easier for project managers and administrators.

Project Master requires Microsoft Windows XP or later and Microsoft Excel 2007 or later to run. The software is supplied complete with a comprehensive User Guide, Quick Start Guide and import template for importing project data. Business Performance P/L has also made available a try before you buy version of Project Master. The sample version is populated with real life project data and is fully functional. Project Master and the free trial version are available for download from the Business Performance P/L website at

Established in 2003, Business Performance Pty Ltd provides business and management consulting services globally in a range of business areas. From its web site, the company also proudly supplies a wide selection of business and management software products designed to make managing organizations easier and more effective. Products featured include tools, templates and guides in the areas of workplace training and communication, project management, organizational change and talent management. All products can be purchased and downloaded easily from anywhere in the world from the Business Performance Pty Ltd website at

Leslie Allan,
Managing Director, Business Performance P/L

+61 (0)408 314941

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