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Business Performance P/L Launches New Business Web Site Design

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March 15, 2012

Business Performance P/L Launches New Business Web Site Design

Business consulting firm Business Performance Pty Ltd this week launched a significant upgrade to their business web site designed to take visitor experience to the next level.

Melbourne, Australia – Business Performance Pty Ltd this week launched the most significant redesign of their market-leading web site in its history. The new design encompasses many new improvements destined to make the experience of busy professionals using the web site more rewarding and efficient.

The company had completely outgrown its previous web design. Indeed, its continued success was a testament to the old adage that "Content Is King". The web site now sports a uniform look and feel across the whole site, giving the visitor a more consistent experience as they explore the many hundreds of pages of content. Site navigation is also much improved, including a site wide search facility for making it easy to find information quickly.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section has many new answers to common questions and new categories have been added to accommodate the growing number of areas and services offered. Plus, product order pages are now better integrated with the rest of the web site, making buying online or off-line even easier.

Managing Director, Leslie Allan, said today, "Over the years, our web site has grown and grown to become a considerable resource in many business areas. With that growth, it was becoming harder for visitors to find quickly what they were looking for. Our new design rebuilds our site structure and navigation from the ground up. Whether you are interested in training or managing change or workplace communication, you can now get quickly to where you need to go."

The web site's developer, John Knowles from WHURL interactive, added, "In addition to dramatically improving the user experience at the front-end, we have worked closely with Business Performance to develop a highly customized framework which integrates tightly with their in-house and third-party information systems in preparation for the continued growth and success of the business' online presence, particularly in the social media space."

Other significant enhancements include the expansion of the business services section of the web site. The new design showcases the company's expert trainers, coaches and consultants in a way that makes it easy for visitors see what each associate has to offer. The new look web site can be viewed at

Established in 2003, Business Performance Pty Ltd provides business and management consulting services globally in a range of business areas. From its website, the company also proudly supplies a wide selection of business and management software products designed to make managing organizations easier and more effective. Products featured include tools, templates and guides in the areas of training and employee development, project management, organizational change and career planning. All products can be purchased and downloaded easily from anywhere in the world from the Business Performance Pty Ltd website at

Leslie Allan,
Director, Business Performance P/L

+61 (0)408 314941

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