FAQ: Project Master

Answers to common questions about Project Master.

How do I?
Is there available a trial version of Project Master?

Yes. The Project Master sample project file was created for this purpose. It is not time limited, however, any changes you make to the sample project file cannot be saved. The sample file is fully functional and populated with an example project that demonstrates the features and functions of Project Master. Download the sample project file from the Project Master product page. While you are there, be sure to download the free User Guide at the same time.

I am trying to use the sample version. How do I find out how to use it?

Download the free User Guide from the Project Master product page or click this Project Master User Guide link.

Is Project Master compatible with Macintosh computers?

You should experience no problems reading our PDF files as long as you have the Acrobat (or similar) PDF reader installed. Our Microsoft Office for Windows doc and xls files can be read on Mac OS 8 or later with Mac Office 4.2 or later. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac dropped VBA support, which means that our Training Tracker, Project Master and Succession Planner cannot be opened on this version of Office for Mac. Please note that we do not support our products on Mac systems.

How do I?
I purchased Project Master but cannot unlock the trial version I have been using.

The sample trial version and the licensed version are two separate files. To unlock the product, download the licensed version by clicking on the link contained in the email you received from RegNow.com.

On our project, we work on Saturdays. This is messing up the calculation of planned finish dates. How can I fix this?

On the Schedule sheet, in the Effort (Days) field, enter the total number of days to be worked minus the number of Saturdays to be worked.

For example, if you estimate the task to take 9 days from 1 May 2006, at 100% utilization, the task would be completed on 11 May 2006. You would enter "8" (9 minus 1) in the Effort (Days) field. This compensates for the Saturday worked on 6 May 2006. The Planned Finish Date field would then show the correct finish date for your task, 10 May 2006.

I downloaded the file and when the file opens all I get is a message saying that I need to enable macros. How do I open the file?
  1. If a dialog box appeared asking you if you want to enable macros, select the Enable Macros button. The file will then open normally. If you select the Disable Macros button, you will be presented with the message you described. You can close the open spreadsheet by selecting File > Close from the main Excel menu bar.
  2. If a dialog box appeared saying macros are disabled because the security level is set to Very High or that they are not digitally signed, set the Security Level in Excel to Medium under Tools > Macro > Security. You can close the open spreadsheet by selecting File > Close from the main Excel menu bar.
  3. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2007, set the trust setting to the default setting. Click the Microsoft Office Button, then click Excel Options, then in the Trust Center category click Trust Center Settings, then click Macro Settings and then click Disable all macros with notification.
The reports are not updating with the new data that I entered.

The reports use Excel's powerful PivotTables feature. There is a known bug in Excel that causes corruption of PivotTables in protected workbooks. Reinstitute your workbook from your last known good backup or use a third-party Excel workbook repair utility. To prevent future corruption, ensure that you have the latest Service Pack installed for your version of Microsoft Office.

When I open the workbook, I receive an error saying "The Analysis Toolpak could not be installed".

On first opening the workbook, Project Master tries to install the Analysis Toolpak automatically if it is not already installed on your system. If the Toolpak file is not accessible on your local or network drive, you will need to install it manually. To install the Analysis Toolpak, close Project Master and open a new Excel file. Select Tools | Add-ins from Excel's main menu and then select Analysis Toolpak from the list of Add-ins available. Alternatively, click on the Microsoft Office Button > Excel Options > Add-Ins > Manage box > Excel Add-ins.) Click OK and then wait a few moments for the Toolpak to load onto your PC. You may be prompted to insert your Microsoft Office installation CDROM.

I am trying to modify a worksheet, but I get a message asking me for the password.

The various worksheets in the workbook are protected to guarantee the integrity of our product. The various worksheets contain complex formulae and formatting, which are at risk of being overwritten by users of the workbook. To give out these passwords would cancel our warranty of the product.

You are able to complete all tasks described in the User Guide without unlocking password protected sheets. If you wish to customize the product, please contact us with details of your desired changes and we will be pleased to offer you a quotation for our customization services.

When I open the workbook, I get an error message saying "Unable to read file." and that errors were detected and repaired.

A common reason for this message is the corruption of one or more PivotTables in the workbook. When this happens, you will see a message on opening the workbook reporting that a PivotTable report was discarded due to integrity problems. You will also see that in the reports, the PivotTable drop-down fields no longer appear.

PivotTables are used in Project Master to generate the various project reports. There is a known bug in Excel that causes corruption of PivotTables in protected workbooks. Reinstitute your workbook from your last known good backup or use a third-party Excel workbook repair utility. To prevent future corruption, ensure that you have the latest Service Pack installed for your version of Microsoft Office.

After saving my Excel 2007 workbook as an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook, I receive a Security Alert when I try to open the workbook again.

There is a known issue with opening protected workbooks saved in Excel 2007 macro-enabled (xlsm) format. When you try to open the workbook, you will receive the message, "This file contains encrypted macros that have been disabled because there is no antivirus software installed that can scan them. To run these macros, remove the encryption or permission restrictions on this file." Your workbook will not open unless your computer has installed an antivirus program that supports the Microsoft Antivirus API. If you do not have such antivirus software installed, we recommend saving your workbook as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook (compatibility mode). Microsoft's alternative solution is to edit your operating system's registry file, as described in their Knowledge Base article 927150.

The Schedule and Cost Charts do not show all of the data points for all of the days entered on the Schedule and Cost sheets.

There is a bug in the way Excel 2007 displays pre-existing charts. To fix this issue, unprotect the PerformanceCharts sheet, select the Schedule Chart, click on the Chart Tools tab in the Excel window title bar, select the Change Chart Type icon in the ribbon, select the Line option from the list of chart types and click on the OK button. Repeat the above steps for the Cost Chart. Save your file. You will only need to perform this process the one time. Excel will remember the new settings.

Our project is large, with many teams. Your tool will be used on one standalone computer only. How many licenses do we need?

Where the computer is not connected to a network, you will require a single user license only. Other people may use the tool on the same computer, but not at the same time.

Each of our company's three divisions manages their own projects. How many licenses do we need?

If one person in each division will be using Project Master on their own computer, you will need to purchase three licenses.

Is my single license sufficient as I now want to also install the tool on my laptop and access Project Master on the company's network from my home computer?

If you are the only person using Project Master on one computer at work, then installing Project Master on your laptop computer will not require an additional license. This use is regarded as personal use on another computer by the license holder. However, to access Project Master over the network will require the purchase of an additional license for each computer accessing Project Master. If your home computer will be the only computer accessing the tool over the network, then you will be required to purchase one additional license.

We have three part-time project officers using the tool on the one computer. Can we buy just one license?

If the three part-time staffs use Project Master at different times, you will need to purchase a single user license only.

I have been transferred to another division within my company. Can I delete the existing data and files and start again with new data in my new division?

Yes, on the condition that you remove entirely all program files and data files produced by Project Master, including all copies of workbooks. If you wish to leave behind any such files, you will need to purchase an additional license for the new division.

I have left my current organization. Can I take Project Master with me and install it on my new employer's computer?

No. Your new organization will need to purchase the requisite number of licenses for use in the organization.

I manage a number of projects for four different divisions within my company. How many licenses do I need to buy?

If Project Master is installed on a single computer, you will require a single user license. However, if other people will be accessing the tool on other standalone computers or over a network, your organization will require additional licenses.

Some project officers will use the tool on home computers, some from networked workstations and some from standalone laptops. How do I work out licenses needed?

First, divide the computers that will be used to access the software into two groups: standalone and networked.

  1. For the standalone computers, count the number of computers and the number of non-simultaneous users and, if they are different, take the lesser of the two numbers.
  2. For the networked computers, count the number of computers used by your project officers. Now add the two counts. The total count represents the number of licenses your organization requires.

Say, for example, your situation is this. You have 75 project personnel in your organization. Six project officers will be working on project management with the various projects. Two will be working on standalone computers from home, four will be working from networked workstations and two of those will also use standalone laptops.

In your case, your organization will need to purchase eight licenses. It works like this. The number of standalone computers is four (two home computers plus two laptops). The number of people using the tool on these computers is also four. The numbers are identical, so the count is four. Next, the count of the number of networked workstations accessing the tool is four. Adding these two counts (four plus four) yields eight required licenses.

Can I use the tool in a client organization until the organization has the capability to manage projects independently?

If you are an external consultant and want to use the tool to introduce or implement project management methods and practices in a client organization, your client organization will need to purchase the requisite number of licenses directly from Business Performance Pty Ltd. Unauthorized third parties, including unauthorized external consultants and contractors, are prohibited from selling, reselling, licensing, renting, leasing or lending Project Master. Third parties are free to, and actively encouraged to, distribute and demonstrate the sample demonstration version to help close a contract. Following this, the client organization will need to purchase Project Master directly from us.


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