FAQ: General

Answers to common questions about purchasing, downloading and installing our products.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is an electronic book. It is a digital equivalent of a printed book and is meant to be read on a computer or an e-book reader. Popular e-book readers include Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader and Apple iPad. Some other digital devices, such as some mobile phones, can also read e-books.

What devices can I read your e-book on?

Our e-books are created in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be read on all of the most popular e-book readers currently on the market. In fact, PDF is the most universal of all of the e-book file formats. PDF is also a cross-platform format and so can be read on PC, Mac and Unix/Linux computers. To read our e-books on your computer, simply download the free Adobe PDF Reader from the Adobe web site.

Some of our e-books are also packaged with Microsoft Word and Excel templates and workbooks. To read these files, you will need Microsoft Word and Excel installed on your computer or a program that can read these Microsoft file formats. For the product you are interested in, check the Product Formats supplied with the product (specified on the product's web page) prior to your purchase.

How can I get your product as a hardcopy book?

To keep the retail prices of our products as low as possible, we do not print and distribute printed materials. You are able to print any of our e-book PDF files and Microsoft Word documents and Excel workbooks on your local printer. You can also purchase a CD containing our product at the time of purchase. Please note that a CD cannot be purchased after the initial sale.

How do I purchase your product on CD?

Select the Backup CD option on the Shopping Cart Order Form at the time of purchase. The cost for the supply and shipping of the CD is displayed on the form.

How long will it take for the CD to be delivered?

Allow 7 to 14 business days for delivery by mail. If you have not received your CD after this time, please contact our order processor (FastSpring) at orders@fastspring.com Please quote your Order ID.

What payment options are available to buy your product?

In most cases, you can pay by credit card online, by PayPal or bank/wire transfer. Other options include payment by check, money order and purchase order. To find out which payment options are available in your country, click on the Buy Now button or link for the product you wish to purchase. On the Shopping Cart, select your country in the top right-hand corner if it is not already selected. Progress through the Shopping Cart until you get to the Payment Info page. Towards the bottom of the page in the Payment Method section, you will see your payment options listed.

On your Shopping Cart, my country is not listed as an option. How do I go about ordering a product?

To buy from a country not listed in the currency options, select US Dollars and proceed with completing the other fields. Your country's currency will be converted to US dollars and your bank may impose a small currency conversion charge.

How do I submit a purchase order?

Click on the Buy Now button for your chosen product. On the Shopping Cart Order Form, select Purchase Order as the payment method. Enter your Purchase Order number if you have one. You will receive an invoice linking to the available payment options. Purchase Orders may be paid by credit card or check. Payment is due within 30 days. Upon payment, you will receive a receipt and download link to download your product.

How do I pay by check?

Click on the Buy Now button for your chosen product. On the Shopping Cart Order Form, select Check as the payment method. Follow the on screen instructions on how send your check payment to our order processor, FastSpring. Upon payment, you will receive a receipt and download link to download your product.

Can you please send me an invoice/receipt for my purchase?

Following your purchase, you will have received an email with the subject line: "Your Business Performance Store Order: Delivery Information". This email constitutes your receipt for your purchase. Click on the link contained within the email. This will take you to an online invoice/receipt that you can print out.

Why is a charge appearing in my credit card statement when my order failed?

This can happen when an order is cancelled, has failed or was rejected for whatever reason. The charge you see is a pre-authorization charge. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of the available balance on a customer's credit/debit card put on by the customer's credit card company. Each credit card company decides whether to use this process or not and is not within the control of our order processor. The charge should drop off your credit card within 5-10 business days. The exact timeframe will vary, depending on the credit card company that issued your card.

I completed the online order process and have not received anything. What should I do?

You may not have received a confirmation email either because:

  1. the email address entered on the order form is invalid, or
  2. a spam filter is rejecting emails from fastspring.com.

Please check the following:

  1. the email address you entered on the order form is a valid email address and your inbox is not full
  2. your ISP, network and local spam filters are allowing emails from fastspring.com
  3. your email program's "spam", "junk" and "trash" folders for email from fastspring.com

Once these are checked and you still cannot locate the email confirmation, contact us with your order details. We will then resend the confirmation emails.

To ensure delivery of future emails, ask your network administrator to add fastspring.com and businessperform.com to your company's email white list.

I did not receive a purchase confirmation. What should I do?

If you have not received an email from us within a few hours, there may be a problem with your order. You can find out the status of your order by emailing our order processor (FastSpring) at orders@fastspring.com Please quote your Order ID.

Do you store customer credit card numbers on your servers?

We use a secure third party order processor to process all credit card transactions. FastSpring uses the latest technologies to encrypt and transmit your credit card information. To protect against security compromises, FastSpring never stores credit card numbers. FastSpring is PCI compliant and adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The company is regularly audited.

I am in Australia. Do I pay GST on my product purchase?

Our Business Performance Store is exempt from GST. GST is not payable for customers purchasing in Australia.

I attempted to download your software and I was unsuccessful.

First, check that when you received the prompt to either open or save the file to your computer, you chose the Save option and not the Open option.

Next, check closely which warning message/error message you are receiving. Your company firewall may be blocking downloads of zip files. Secondly, settings on some web browsers are set to high security, blocking file downloads. Thirdly, some anti-virus programs block some or all file downloads.

Once you have identified the warning message, check the remaining questions and answers in this section. If it is your company's firewall blocking the download, contact your network administrator. If the error message is not related to any of the above, contact us with the wording of the warning message/error message.

I clicked on the download link given in the email, but nothing happens.

First, make sure that your computer has a reliable connection to the internet. Next, check how the link is displayed in your email. Your email program may be breaking up the download link with its line wrapping. If this is the case, paste each segment of the broken link into the URL bar of your web browser, making sure that you do not leave in any leading or trailing spaces and no spaces in between the segments.

If this doesn't solve your problem, try downloading the file using:

  1. a different web browser on the same computer
  2. a different on-site computer
  3. an off site computer (with no company firewall)

If these actions are not successful, contact our order processor (FastSpring) for help at orders@fastspring.com

When I try to download your software, I got a message saying that the publisher could not be verified. What should I do?

This message can appear appear if a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) is set for high security. You can be assured that all of our software has been tested to the most stringent levels. To proceed with the download, simply click on the "Run" button. This will complete the download to your PC.

When I try to download your software, I get a warning message from my anti-virus program. What is the problem?

Some anti-virus programs are configured to intercept the download of zip files. This intercept is normal behavior. You can either:

  1. disable download scan in your anti-virus program. You may need to consult your anti-virus program documentation.
  2. read the prompt that your anti-virus program presents to you and choose the appropriate option. For example, there may be an option to click "Yes" to continue downloading.

All of our product files are thoroughly checked by the latest virus checkers and are certified as virus free.

When I try to install your product, the computer reports that a temporary file necessary for the start up could not be created.

First, search for and delete all Microsoft Windows temporary files (*.tmp) and try again. If this does not fix the problem, the downloaded file may be corrupted. Try downloading the file again.

What is a Zip file?

A zip file is a computer file that can package a number of files into a single file. The files stored in a zip file can be of many kinds: documents, graphics, sound files, and so on. In addition, the files stored in a zip file are compressed to save disk space and download time when someone downloads the file from the internet. You can tell a zip file from the .zip on the end of the file name.

How do I use the Zip file?

Once you download the zip file, you will need to extract the product files from the zip file. This is done in one operation by a special program such as WinZip or 7-Zip. Some computers already have extraction software installed. Double-click or right-click on a zip file to see if your computer recognizes the file. If it does not, you will need to install the software. Visit www.winzip.com or www.7-zip.org to download the zip file extractor. Then follow the instructions bundled with the software to install it on your computer.

To extract the product files from a zip file, first create a new folder on your computer so that the files extracted do not get mixed up with the files in an existing directory. Next, right-click on the zip file and select Extract All or Extract To from the list of options. Alternatively, double-click on the zip file to open it. Once you have extracted the files, navigate to the folder in which you extracted them. Each extracted file can now be opened with the program that created it. For example, double-clicking on a doc file will open Microsoft Word whilst double-clicking on an xls file will open Microsoft Excel.


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