Change Management

Organizational change, workplace transformation, people and systems


Our Change Management portal offers you guidance, practical tools and other resources to help you achieve success with your organizational or workplace change program. Whether you are a program sponsor, change leader, project manager, supervisor or team leader, you will benefit from the expert information and assistance we provide here.

Key concepts, principles and approaches to leading and managing change in your organization.

Why Change Programs Fail

The drive for change in organizations is incessant. Yet most programs fail their objectives. When we look at why change initiatives fail the high expectations put on them, we see the same reasons appear time and again.

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Key Areas for Implementing Change

Whatever your change initiative, there are critical actions that require your attention if your program is to succeed. We present a summary of those key activities with prompts to help you get started.

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Change Management Process – A Structured Approach

Whether your change endeavor is a top-down approach from your executive team or bottom-up utilizing the initiative of your employees, you need a game plan to be successful. Here is an overview of our best practice process for managing and leading change in your organization.

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Change Management Model: The CHANGE Approach™

There exists a bewildering array of models for organizational change. Our CHANGE Approach™ distills the essentials into six key steps for leading and managing effective change. With the help of this unique approach, find out the essential questions you need to ask to determine how you are progressing on your change journey.

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Change Management Principles: The Three Laws

The famous 18th century physicist, Isaac Newton, is well known for his three Laws of Motion. We show you how his three laws afford us deep insights into how to lead and manage our change programs successfully. Hang on for an interesting journey into physics and human psychology.

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Five Essential Change Management Principles

Whatever methods and tools you use in advancing your change program, there are five underlying change management principles that you must bring to life if your change initiative is to succeed.

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Change Program Goal Setting

We witness many change initiatives fizzle out and eventually fail for want of a clear and unambiguous set of objectives. Without measurable and agreed business goals, your path to change will simply lead you and your participants into an overgrown forest in which you will quickly lose your way. Here are some key tips on how to frame your destination so that you won't get lost.

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Guidance on engaging and capitalizing on individuals and various groups of people in order to realize the achievement of your organization's change goals.

Change Program Roles

People are the lifeblood of any change initiative. Without motivating and mobilizing people to achieve your change program's objectives, it is destined for failure. A key step for energizing for action is assigning roles and responsibilities. Find out what are the essential roles and some practical tips for ensuring accountability.

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Employee Resistance to Change

Excessive resistance to a change program will quickly kill any change initiative. It is a sobering fact that every change leader struggles with resistance. Find out who the resisters are, why they are objecting and what you can do to help bring them on board.

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Change Program Stakeholders

A stakeholder is a person with an interest in the process or outcome of your change program. Ignore stakeholders at your peril. Many change programs fail because one or more key stakeholders were not engaged in the process of change. We help you identify who these key stakeholders are that you need to get and keep on side.

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Teams in Change Programs

Significant change in organizations is not brought about by individuals working in isolation. Change program success depends increasingly on people working collaboratively within teams. What kinds of teams are used to advance change initiatives? How do you set up a team? What do you need to do to ensure the team's success? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

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Training for Change

A critical part of any successful change program is skilling up the people leading and managing the change and the people working within the new systems. Here are some tips for creating an effective training plan and for designing and rolling out training that will actually make a difference.

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Useful change management guide and templates plus leading edge articles from a variety of experts.

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