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Free Project Master Upgrade

Submitted by  on August 2nd, 2013

Project Master Report SelectorWe released the new version of our project management tool this week. I want to thank all of our testers who toiled to put the new code through its paces. I’m very pleased with the result. I think our developers have done a great job adding in some significant enhancements and tightening up the code.

Unlike the lightweight alternatives, ours is a serious project management planning and reporting tool. The glorified task lists that I see on the market don’t let you manage project risks, issues and changes to the scope. Ours does. It also lets you calculate task start and end dates given a particular task duration and team member load. Let’s face it. Not every team member working on a project can devote 100% of their time to the project. The up market task managers that I see just can’t accommodate this fact of project life.

In this new version, we’ve also done away with the static reports. Our new click ‘n’ go reports get built dynamically. So, if a report gets corrupted, the project administrator just needs to click a button to regenerate the report. That doesn’t mean that the reports aren’t customizable. The administrator can sort and filter the report on various criteria. They can also format the report to their liking and even create their own reports.

The various reports show detail about the project tasks, schedule, costs and budget. The performance charts, on the other hand, show how the schedule and budget are tracking. Are tasks being completed to plan? Are expenditures tracking to budget forecasts? The charts show in visual format planned versus actual project effort and expenditure. Like the reports, these can be printed or copied into a project report or into an email to send to team members.

One feature I really love about this release is the Import and Export wizards. You may have an earlier version of Project Master. Well, just hit the Import button, point to your Project Master workbook and, presto, all of your earlier data is imported into a new workbook. Or you may have your data tied up in another project management tool or workbook. Simply export the data as a csv file, organize it into columns and hit the Import button. If you need to export your project data to another tool or to another workbook to do some heavy calculations, our Export wizard also does that for you in one click.

Another huge improvement is that we have made this version truly international. You no longer need to chose between the standard version showing costs expressed in dollars or the UK version showing pounds. Project Master will detect your local currency settings in your Windows Control Panel and will display all of your cost data in your local currency.

We’ve also improved the color-coding in the Gantt Chart and Task Status indicators and added right-click functionality to some project management operations. We’ve made this the most user-friendly version of Project Master to date. And what has worked well, like our outstanding help files and support, we’ve left alone. The downloadable Project Master User Guide sets the standard in the project management field. Fully illustrated, with detailed help on all functions and with a comprehensive index and FAQ section, it covers everything you will do with Project Master in an easy to follow way. Any new issues and questions that emerge get added to the growing Project Master FAQs on our web site.

I haven’t been able to talk about all of the new features and benefits of this version in this short post. There’s more in our press release and our Project Master product page. The best news is that all current users of Project Master can get the new version at absolutely no cost. If you are a current user, send proof of purchase to and we will promptly send you Version 3.0.

If you’d like to try out the new version, download the fully-functional sample project file from the Project Master product page. Let me know what you think. If you’ve got any ideas for the next version, pop in your comments below.

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