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New Product for Segmenting and Reporting on Workforce

Submitted by  on October 23rd, 2012

Workforce Segmentation and Reporting PackWe recently released our new Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack. The Pack is intended for HR executives, recruitment specialists, organization development consultants and anyone else involved in HR strategy who wants to get more value from their organization’s human capital.

The Pack is highly practical and consists of three core components. The principal guide, How to Segment Your Workforce, Measure and Report on Human Capital, shows you how to use a skills’ based approach to segmenting your workforce. The advantage of this approach compared with more traditional job evaluation or organizational hierarchy approaches is that roles are matched to strategic importance. With this approach, human resource policies and practices can be tailored in a way that elicits real strategic advantage.

The second component in the pack is the Outsourcing Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help you identify the roles and activities that are best left in-house and those best suited to outsourcing. The focus in on gaining an economic and strategic advantage with your human resource decision-making. In addition, the guidelines help you include all of the key elements in your outsourcing contracts.

The third component in the Pack is the Human Capital Data: Reporting Templates. It is this template pack that makes this product truly practical from day one. We include here an array of checklists and reporting templates ready to record your workforce data. The reporting templates are in Microsoft Word format for you to customize to your organization’s exact needs and to use time after time.

Be sure to visit the Workforce Segmentation and Reporting Pack product page for full details, including product features, table of contents for each of the components in the Pack and the licensing terms. We have also made available complimentary chapters from the Pack and a 10-point human capital strategy questionnaire for download. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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