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Teachers Come Out Fighting

Submitted by  on August 21st, 2012

Many Paths One Destination book coverMy friend and colleague Chris Bennett shared with me a book he wrote recently with eight other authors. The book is entitled Many Paths One Destination and tells the stories of nine martial arts teachers living in the USA, Australia and the UK. Having been in the training field for many years, the book immediately captured my interest.

The book is a short read of some 90 pages. In spite of its compact size, not one page is wasted. I was impressed by the personal stories of each of the teachers. Each author had a life-story to tell of the mix of both dispiriting and uplifting experiences they had to get to where they are now.

If you think that the best teachers get to the pinnacle of their profession by following a simple and straight path, then this book will be an eye opener for you. Their moving storytelling shows us all that teachers are ordinary people too, meeting the day to day challenges of family, career, health, and so on.

Each story is unique and has some important lessons to share. My favorite story is Didi’s. I especially liked her story as it recounted her long and dogged fight for recognition in a male-dominated craft. Didi’s story is a real inspiration for teachers and trainers everywhere who are trying to overcome those people who will try to keep them down. My hat goes off to Didi and the other eight teachers who overcame their external road bumps and their inner challenges to achieve their dreams.

This is a wonderful resource, whether you are a teacher in martial arts or an instructor in any other field. I have always encouraged trainers to tap into the experiences of their peers. This book is a fantastic way to do that.

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