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Improving Performance Management

Submitted by  on March 2nd, 2012

Two business males and female in a rowIn a previous post, I recounted what I saw as the major problems with the traditional employee performance appraisal cycle. In this post, I want to share briefly what I see as the seven key hallmarks of a well-functioning employee performance management system.

  1. Goals are mutually agreed between the manager and the employee and are aligned with the team and function goals.
  2. The manager meets with their team and each direct report regularly (weekly or fortnightly) to discuss goals, progress and roadblocks.
  3. Numerical employee performance ratings are avoided in place of data-driven progress reports on goal attainment.
  4. Feedback on employee behaviors is sourced from multiple stakeholders, including managers, internal and external customers, peers and suppliers.
  5. Financial incentives are supplanted with a range of non-monetary rewards and forms of recognition.
  6. Appraising managers are upskilled to be able to set meaningful goals and give effective employee feedback.
  7. Manager-employee feedback is two-way with direct reports also providing feedback to their manager.

What else should we add to this list? What items are contentious? Please share your views here.

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One Response to “Improving Performance Management”

  1. Manuel Mateos Says:

    Hi Les!
    Thank you for asking; I would add continuos Recognition along the performance path. There are hundreds of ways for giving recognition and showing appreciation and gratitude which may be applied – and not only for great results but for good actions, efforts, and deeds. If one focuses on the process or journey, not only on the final result or final destination, you may find lots of opportunities to reinforce and improve performance. People need not only “like” Recognition, but for being effective it should be communicated opportunely and specifically. It is one key Leadership skill that might do wonders.

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