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Training Tip – Tell People Your Evaluation Strategy

Submitted by  on May 23rd, 2011

I have been saying for a while that you need to build training evaluation into the design of the training program. How often have your employees attended a course, only to find that once they return to work not much changes? A small number of participants may try to apply the learnings, with the majority not knowing where to start. The problem may lie in the lack of focus on outcomes. Here is what I do.

At the start of the analysis phase, I ask managers what results they want from the training. We then focus on precisely these outcomes in our training evaluation strategy. Notice this aligns with Donald Kirkpatrick’s Level 4.

Then during the design phase, I advise each trainer that I will be surveying how much the participants changed their behavior as a result of their course. This focus on behavior aligns with Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 and immediately gets the trainer’s attention. After some initial defensiveness, the trainer sets about working on a course that will impart real skills and not just be another brain dump. That’s why in my rendering of the ADDIE model I include program evaluation in the analysis and design phases. Are you including evaluation of program objectives and behavior change in your program design? If not, why not?

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2 Responses to “Training Tip – Tell People Your Evaluation Strategy”

  1. Karen Carleton Says:

    Hi Les
    I always enjoy your posts; they are spot on for T & D and evaluation.

    Hope to meet you in person one day. You should consider presenting at conferences over here ASTD, CSTD, or ISPI. I think you have a lot to offer, and it would no doubt add to your online product sales.
    Karen in Canada

  2. Leslie Allan Says:

    Hello Karen. Thank you for your kind words. I’d love to visit Canada one day. You have a beautiful country.

    I am passionate about learning and training. I’ve seen so much money wasted on training that is “hoped” to be of benefit. We need to be designing application and success into the program and on-the-job support instead of leaving it to chance.

    I wish you well in your work. You’re doing a great job getting organizations to think and do along these lines.

    Kind Regards, Les Allan

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