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Choice = Power or How to Reduce Resistance

Submitted by  on May 17th, 2011

I found myself pondering a situation today and wondering how I’d handle it and realised that one of the key issues for me was the fact that I had none of the facts in the case and had been offered only a binary choice, take it or leave it. How you feel about that kind of thing perhaps is greatly affected by your life experience, your circumstances and your personal ‘wiring’. But I know my reaction would be very different had I been presented with the facts, been invited to contribute to the solution and come to a mutual conclusion on how to take things forward. This reminded me that one of the key reasons that people resist change is because they are only given this kind of binary choice. If you want them to go along with your plans, engage them, involve them, consult them and allow them to be part of the decision making process …

Managing Change in the Workplace guide

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