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Are You Mentoring Business Novices?

Submitted by  on May 3rd, 2011

We spend so much time thinking about our own business. From where can I win new customers? How do I trim costs? When should I release my next product? These and many other questions dominate our time and brain space. And all of them are legitimate claims on our time and effort.

I have another question for you to think about. How much time and effort do you spend helping other people? I’m talking here about people who are trying to make a go of their business, but don’t have the experience and resources that we take for granted. The majority of businesses fail in the first few years of inception. The cost in time, money and emotional energy in keeping a failing business going is enormous. And it is not just the business owner that feels the intense pressure to succeed. When a business is going through its death throes, employees suffer, marriages break up, children feel isolated, suppliers remain unpaid and customers are left high and dry.

There are also people just now starting up their business venture. Many will go through the same trials and tribulations you did in your early years. Many will make the same mistakes you did. How can you lend a hand to lead people away from the road to failure?

Are you a member of your professional organization? Such organizations present wonderful opportunities for people to network with you and learn from your experience. Do you write articles for your professional network or your local newspaper? You do not need to be a Shakespeare to help people like you. Simply be honest and say how you see things. Sharing a problem you had and how you solved it can be of enormous benefit to those novices in the same place.

Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Does your local council run a business network or coaching program to help new businesses? What other avenues can you think of to put something back into the community? Remember, you didn’t get to where you are now without the help of guides and mentors. Your time is valuable. However, helping others does not need to be onerous or a huge impost on your time. Devoting just one or two hours per month may be all that is needed to get a new business person on the right track.

Consider also that the benefits from the relationships you form are not a one way street. You will also find yourself enriched by the experience as your confidence and sense of achievement grows. You may even win new friends.

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One Response to “Are You Mentoring Business Novices?”

  1. Jeff Anderson Says:

    Meaningful recognition is an effective technique of mentoring.

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