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CIPD Members Rate Performance Management a Failure

Submitted by  on November 8th, 2010

The October 2010 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conference asked the participants how they rated the effectiveness of their company’s employee performance management system. The response was an expression of resounding disappointment in current performance management practices.

And this is in the wake of highly admirable attempts over the last few years to link the various pieces of the performance jigsaw puzzle. The better systems seek to integrate strategy and planning, individual goals and objectives, employee development, succession planning and rewards and remuneration. In spite of these efforts, major challenges continue to befuddle the process. These challenges include poor feedback practices, inadequate managerial skills, lack of commitment from the top, overly complex processes and HR people being seen as process cops.

I am very pleased to see The Institute for Employment Studies undertaking a number of case studies to elucidate how performance management can be done better. Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer has articulated over a number of years the problems with the traditional performance review process and well worth a read. You can also read some success stories here about companies implementing performance management differently.

How is your company using performance management to improve employee performance? What challenges are you facing? Tell us your story about what is working well and what can do with improvement.


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One Response to “CIPD Members Rate Performance Management a Failure”

  1. Judy Lindenberger Says:

    Is it hard to give feedback and evaluations? Yes. But the good news is, it gets easier with practice—and it pays. Study after study show that employees who have clear goals, get coaching, and receive formal evaluations feel a stronger commitment to their employer and greater job satisfaction. In a world where managers are constantly on the hunt for talent, the time you spend growing your own is the best investment you can make.

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