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Training Tracker Version 2.0 Is Here

Submitted by  on April 19th, 2010

training administration software

What an exciting month it’s been. We have been working at fever pitch to get the new version of Training Tracker to you. It’s been well worth the wait. Version 1.0 was great. Version 2.0 is even better, with a new look and lots of new functionality.

If you have not used Version 1.0, well here is a brief run down. Training Tracker lets you track your training programs and report on training activity, training expenditure and so on. It is best suited to small- to medium-sized organizations or one or more departments within a larger organization. Training Tracker is based on Microsoft Excel, so you don’t have to learn a whole new program. You can feel comfortable using your existing Excel skills. OK, got the picture?

What’s new in Version 2.0, I hear you say. As well as the new look, we have built in some brand new reports and charts and guides on creating and customizing your own reminders and warning flags. We had a number of customers requesting training program reminders. Now you can build them to your exact requirements.

I’m still debating with myself which is the best new feature out of these two great enhancements: the new click ‘n’ go reports and charts or the new data migration wizard. I love the click ‘n’ go reports and charts because they are created dynamically. Excel Pivot Tables have a weakness in that they can become corrupted from time to time. Because the new reports and charts are created on the fly, they bring an extra level of stability to Training Tracker.

However, I also love the new data migration function. With a few clicks, you can now import your data from your HRIS or from a previous version of Training Tracker or from anywhere. Help me decide. Put your vote in the Comment box below.

There are more new features and enhancements than I can mention here. If you are a current user, you can get the new version for free. If you are not a current user or you just want to try out the new version before you upgrade, download the free demo version from the Training Tracker product page. Either way, visit the Training Tracker product page now to find out more about the new version and how to get your free upgrade. Tell us what you think.

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