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Web Site Keyword Analysis Can Lead You Astray

Submitted by  on April 14th, 2010

Just how important is keyword analysis in building a business web site? Some prospective business owners labor over it endlessly. Yes, keyword analysis is important. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, it’s very important. It’s important, say, for deciding between “succession planning” and “talent management” for a product name and web page page url, title tag and description. However, don’t let keyword considerations dictate the business model and theme of your web site. Your interests, abilities and passions need to play a dominant role here if you are going to survive the long haul in getting your web site profitable.

To illustrate this point further, I see two approaches to building a profitable site. The first I’ll call the mechanistic/atomistic approach. This approach focuses on keyword analysis up front. But even with this approach, there is a business model in mind. And that business model is usually based on affiliate advertising or pay per click commissions, such as Google’s AdSense.

The second approach I’ll call the organic/themed approach, which is the approach I’ve been advocating for a while. The first approach is just too sterile for me. I think you need to be passionate about a subject and have some materials (preferably your own intellectual property) to see you through the long period of hard work and steep learning.

However, even with both approaches you will need a business model before you look at keywords. Consider your business model. How will your business turn a profit? Will it make a profit by:

(a) selling other people’s products

(b) selling your own products

(c) providing free information and profit from advertising

(d) a combination of two or more of the above

I keep coming back to these two crucial questions:

  • What are you interested in?
  • What materials do you have (or have access to)?

The best keywords in the world will not build you a business. That takes you. To find out more, visit our web business strategy information page.

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