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New Training Evaluation Toolkit Hits the Marketplace

Submitted by  on May 26th, 2008

Training Evaluation guide and templatesMy new Training Evaluation Toolkit is finally ready and released to the market. This was another huge piece of work and I feel very proud of the result. There are many good books on training evaluation. However, what I noticed was a dearth of tools for carrying out the evaluation. Sure, you can quite easily get a set of forms for ascertaining program participant reactions or for conducting a training transfer survey. However, there was nowhere that I could find where you could get all of the survey instruments and calculation worksheets you need all in one place, and as a cohesive and coherent set.

My toolkit guides the practitioner through all aspects of program evaluation; why we should evaluate, to what extent we should evaluate, when not to evaluate, how to manage stakeholders and report results, and so on. The toolkit really is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of training evaluation.

I based the toolkit on Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Evaluation Model and further supplemented it with Jack Phillips’ Level 5 Return on Investment (ROI) and other financial calculators, such as Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR), Payback Period and Net Present Value (NPV).

I also included a sizable section on isolating non-training effects, which continues to prove to be a very confusing area for trainers and non-trainers alike. In the guide, I included some decision matrices to assist people in deciding the best method for isolating the impact of training in various situations, and even when it is best to not try to isolate the impact of training at all.

If you are a trainer or a training manager, check out the new toolkit on the Training Evaluation Toolkit product page. While you are there, download the free introductory chapter.

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