Training Management

Are you building a learning organization? How can you best manage training on a day-to-day basis whilst making your training function more effective? Find out here from the leaders in the field.

  • The Myth of the Silver Bullet – And How to Improve the Effectiveness of Training

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    Organisations spend billions of dollars on employee training annually, yet research indicates that little of this results in real benefits. In an environment of shrinking training budgets and the move to greater accountability of training departments, Leslie Allan reveals how you can increase the impact of training.

  • Tips on Making Training Stick

    by Adele Sommers Ph. D.

    There are many factors that go into a successful training program. How well people learn and how much they apply their learning to their jobs depends on good needs analysis and instructional design, and effective support back on the job.

  • How Effective Is Your Training System?

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    In this article, Leslie Allan introduces a new model for assessing the maturity and effectiveness of training systems in organizations. Discover a powerful and thought-provoking tool for gauging the extent to which training and development activities in your organization advance its strategic interests.

  • Cutting the Training Budget: How to Save Money in Lean Times

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    Training managers are often asked to slice their training budget during difficult times. Leslie Allan suggests 10 positive ways of meeting this challenge that will see the training function survive and even strengthen its position in the organization.

  • Transfer of Training: A Case Study

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    In this case study, Leslie Allan examines the factors that enhanced and inhibited a cohort of Business Analysts as they sought to apply the skills they learned during a multi-faceted business analysis training program. He draws some critical lessons on the importance of workplace environment in training transfer.

  • Ten Tips for Writing an e-Learning RFP/RFQ

    by Dave Boggs

    The many layers of complexity inherent in Learning Management Systems software can make writing an e-Learning solution Request for Proposal/Request for Quotation a pretty daunting job. These tips are designed to give you some suggestions and information to help you with writing an e-Learning software RFP/RFQ.

  • Achieving Results: Collaborating to Accomplish Change

    by David Milstein M.AITD; M.IMC and Richard Coutts M.IMC; M.AAA; AF.AIM

    In the current 'Knowledge Age', innovation in the implementation of knowledge strategies is a key factor driving success. New business models are arising globally as organisations and businesses move from one-to-one or adversarial to relationship-based approaches. Throughout the world, organisations and businesses across diverse industries are discovering that Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a useful way to facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge, capability building and action implementation.

  • The Value of Becoming a Learning Organization

    by Shannon Martin

    Many companies face the question of the value of investing in organizational learning. Shannon Martin discusses some of the measures you can use in evaluating how learning contributes to the performance of your company. She then goes on to consider how you can tell whether yours is a leaning organization.

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