Project Management

Tap into the insights of project management experts. Find out about managing stakeholders, gathering requirements, project success factors and many other aspects of managing a successful project.

  • Ten Tips for Running Successful Projects

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    All organizations run projects from time to time. Yet more than half of all projects started fail their objectives. Why is this so? Read this article to discover ten things you can do to improve the chances of success with your project.

  • 12 Powerful Project Estimating Strategies

    by Adele Sommers Ph. D.

    How are you at estimating how long a project will take? Like most people, you may be finding it very difficult to calculate how much time and effort your project will take. Here are 12 key strategies for improving your estimating accuracy.

  • Project Management Best Practices

    by Simon Buehring

    What are the best practices at the heart of good project management? In this article, Simon Buehring summarises succinctly the fundamental aspects of successful project management.

  • How to Get Out of "Project Overwhelm"

    by Adele Sommers Ph. D.

    This article offers a simple, sanity-saving approach to handling projects that have not followed expectations, or have otherwise gone awry. It explains how to extricate one's team from "project overwhelm" by regrouping and swiftly charting a new course. It explores the pros and cons of attempting a last minute, heroic maneuver versus proactively re-planning the tail end of the project.

  • Be Gentle with Yourself

    by Jeff Davidson MBA CMC

    Whenever you are feeling stressed from working on a difficult project or managing a team, it pays to relax and take things in your stride.

  • How to Improve Project Delivery Through Good Business Requirements

    by Niall Kennedy

    Here are some key reasons why gathering and documenting good business requirements can lead to improved project delivery.

  • Seventeen "Must Ask" Questions for Planning Successful Projects

    by Adele Sommers Ph. D.

    Why do some projects proceed without a hitch, yet others flounder? One reason could be the type and quality of the questions people ask at the very start. This article suggests 17 insightful queries that can expose the uncertain aspects of your project, and thereby help you avoid expensive surprises later.

  • Managing Small Projects

    by Simon Buehring

    A question that is often asked is whether the project management best practices that are applicable for large projects can be applied on smaller projects. This is a really important question and one which all project managers must face up to when managing small projects.

  • Managing Stakeholders in the Requirements Process

    by Niall Kennedy

    Navigating the process of gathering business requirements and creating the business requirements can be hard enough without adding the issue of stakeholder management to the equation. Nevertheless, fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders is what the project is all about, so it is critical that the analyst keep them on his or her side throughout the project.

  • The Emerging Role of the Business Analyst

    by Barbara A. Carkenord

    Ever since organizations began to use computers to support their business tasks, the people who create and maintain those "systems" have become more and more sophisticated and specialized. One of the "specialties" to arise is the role of the Business Analyst.

  • An Introduction to Earned Value Project Management

    by Bibi Kasmed

    Reporting project performance and predicting final cost and schedule is a difficult exercise for any project manager. Bibi Kasmed takes the reader through a primer on a reliable method for doing just that.

  • Earned Value

    by Kay Wais

    Earned value (EV) is one of the most sophisticated and accurate methods for measuring and controlling project schedules and budgets. In this article, Kay Wais outlines the advantages of using earned value in your project reporting and management and the keys to successful implementation.

  • Ten Top Tips for Creating Good Business Requirements

    by Niall Kennedy

    Creating good business requirements will go a long way towards ensuring the success of the project and eliminate design and development risks that result from poor business requirements documentation. This article shares ten useful tips for writing effective business requirements.

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