Nature of Work

How is today's workplace changing and how can you and your employees learn and adapt? Find out here with interesting and informative articles from a range of viewpoints.

  • The New Working Paradigm: Collaboration, Technology and Information

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    IBM's global way of working report reveals what leading organizations are doing to stay ahead of the competition. The playing field is constantly changing, with organizations that fail to synthesise new technologies with realtime information sharing and collaborative work practices falling further behind the profit stakes.

  • Coming to Grips with the New Workplace: Exploring Skills Shortages

    by Jennifer McCoy

    The workforce is ageing and it's getting harder to keep the new Gen Y in your workplace. How are you confronting the critical shortage of skills in your organization? Are you asking the right questions to meet the challenges of the new workplace? You might be surprised with the answers.

  • New Age Industries and Flexible Work: How (and Why) to Train Flexible Workers

    by Dr. Brendan Moloney

    The flexible workforce is here to stay whether we like it or not. As an employer, how do you attract and train flexible workers? Dr. Moloney highlights five key characteristics of the new way of working that you ignore at your peril.

  • Is Your Job as Manager Disappearing?

    by Paul Glover

    The role of manager is changing. Ensuring that your people turn up and put in a day's work is no longer enough. Paul Glover explores the transition from manager to leader and what it means for you.

  • Developing Resilience – The Most Important Soft Skill for Hard Times

    by Maree Harris PhD

    During tough times, the personal quality of resilience is much needed and admired. In this article, Maree Harris takes you on a journey of exploration as you find out what it takes to be resilient today and what you need to do to help others develop their resilience.

  • Managing the New Generation Employees

    by Paul Glover

    How is managing a new generation employee different from managing workers from an earlier generation? Paul Glover takes us on a journey through the various generations, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the new Millennials, and explores how each benefit from a tailored approach.

  • Learning in a 15 Minute World

    by Alastair Rylatt

    The pace and frenzy of modern change makes it all the more challenging for us to gain competitive advantage and lasting business success. Alastair Rylatt gives three key ideas on how we can learn effectively in this fast paced environment.

  • Hiring Adjustments for Generations X and Y

    by Derrick Moe

    Work-life balance – Flexible work hours – Corporate mission. What is the point of focusing on these non-traditional hiring topics? Two letters – X and Y. Gen X and Gen Y are establishing a more prominent position within the employment landscape as the Baby Boomers prepare to exit the workforce. The shift to these younger generations is prompting a new focus in hiring tactics.

  • Work/Life Balance Is Just Good Business!

    by Victor Pryles

    It would be nice to think that the companies on the leading edge of work/life balance programs are simply being good citizens and doing the right thing! But, the fact is that these programs make good business sense.

  • Are You a Type A Personality?

    by Tony Jacowski

    If you have ever felt restless over not finishing something as fast or as perfect as you would have liked, especially when you think someone else is procrastinating, you must read on. Chances are that you belong to the Type A personality and there are also chances that you are more prone to coronary heart disease.

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