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How is your web site performing? Not as good as it could be? Many new and not so new web site owners miss key actions that need to be done before a web site can be truly profitable. I have put together the web site checklist below for web site owners who are serious about getting the most from their investment.

Whether you are about to create a web site or you have had one in operation for years, you will find the checklist helpful for evaluating the health of your site. It contains a comprehensive set of actions that need to be completed for your web site to be useful to visitors and to attract potential visitors.

You can check off the items in the checklist yourself or, if you are new to web design and development, you can sit down with your web developer and progress through the list items together. As you review each item in the checklist, mark off the items you have completed and those that require further action. Then add your outstanding items to your action plan.

SEO Optimization Setup

  • Select/configure webstats package in web host's control panel
  • Create/configure Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Create and configure Google Analytics account
  • Create and configure Google Alerts account
  • Create and configure robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Create and submit XML site map
  • Set up RSS feed

Site Wide Factors

  • Add social media buttons to consumable content pages
  • Create meaningful and organized site navigation
  • Create meaningful and organized directory structure
  • Minimize url length and variables in urls
  • Optimize html/php file names
  • Customize 404 error pages
  • Validate all web pages with W3C validator

On Page Factors

  • Optimize unique <title> tags for each page
  • Optimize <description> meta tag
  • Optimize <keywords> meta tag
  • Add and optimize heading tags <h1> to <h6>
  • Add keywords to page body content;
  • Add bolded keywords
  • Optimize image file names and file sizes
  • Add keywords to image alt attributes
  • Add keywords to image title attributes
  • Add keywords to internal hyperlink anchor texts
  • Add keywords to internal hyperlink title attributes

Off Page Factors

  • Build quality inbound links
  • Submit web site to directories
  • Write and submit articles to ezine directories
  • Submit blog posts to blog accounts
  • Write and submit press releases
  • Create and add content to social media accounts
  • Bookmark site in social bookmarking web sites
  • Contribute to forums

Ongoing Actions

  • Analyze web traffic logs and 404 error reports
  • Check Webmaster tools for errors and suggested improvements
  • Check for broken links
  • Submit content/backlinks to third party web sites
  • Expand size of web site
  • Ping XML sitemap to Google, Bing and Ask

Now that you have reviewed all items and created your action plan, go and complete your actions. Keep your web site in tip top health by reviewing your list every six months. Ensure that no new items require your attention and that nothing has fallen into disrepair. When you add new sections or pages to your web site, make sure that you have the checklist at hand. I wish you every success.

Copyright © Leslie Allan

About the Author
Leslie Allan

Leslie Allan is Managing Director of Business Performance Pty Ltd; a management consulting firm specializing in people and process capability. He has been assisting organizations for over 20 years, contributing in various roles as project manager, consultant and trainer for organizations large and small. For help with applying the web site checklist, contact Leslie at

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