Innovation and Creativity

Why is innovation and creativity important for organizational success? How do you encourage it in today's work environment? Find out the answers to these questions and more from the experts.

  • Eight Key Dimensions to Sustainable Innovation

    by Andy Beaulieu

    Eight factors are critical to the success of your organization's innovation efforts. Ignore any one of these important dimensions and you seriously risk the outcome of your innovation practices.

  • Innovation Infrastructure and Skills: In Search of a Few Good People

    by Andy Beaulieu

    What are the key roles and accompanying structures you need to drive innovation and creativity in your organization? In this article, Andy Beaulieu considers each role and the skills that are required to get innovation happening in a way that will actually benefit. He also shines a light on the important question of how roles need to be structured around teams and stakeholders.

  • Strategy and Leadership for Innovation: Making It Real, Urgent and Attainable

    by Andy Beaulieu

    Effective leadership with a clear focus on the organization's strategy is a key ingredient to successful innovation in your business. Andy Beaulieu considers the well-known and not so well-recognized aspects of leadership and strategy that could be holding up your organization's capacity to innovate.

  • Moving Forward with Innovation by Looking Back

    by Andy Beaulieu

    For an organization to innovate effectively in the future, it needs to tap into its innovation legacy. Only by moving first backward can an organization move forward in developing new products and services.

  • Channeling Culture, Communications and Motivation for Innovation

    by Andy Beaulieu

    Knowing how difficult it is to change the culture in any organization, how can you align your company's culture to support creativity and innovation? It's not easy. However, in this article, Andy Beaulieu focuses on the four key cultural aspects you need to master if you want to drive innovation.

  • Cultivating Intuition

    by Kerri Salls

    What would happen if we learned to tap into our own innate intuition on a daily basis? Why don't we?

  • Creative and Innovative Culture, Change Management – Three Easy Tests

    by Kal Bishop

    Organizations that successfully foster creativity and innovation display certain cultural characteristics. In this article, Kal Bishop looks at the blocks that prevent expression of problems and hinder idea generation.

  • Totally Different Questions

    by Ken Lizotte

    In a high-speed global marketplace, companies may no longer rest on their laurels or keep doing things the way they've traditionally been done. The most successful companies take pains to pursue not only present customer desires but also as-yet unexpressed future needs and desires.

  • Coaching for Creativity in the Workplace

    by Richard L. Williams

    Reporting project performance and predicting final cost and schedule is a difficult Individuals and teams cannot achieve more than they have in the past if they only apply the paradigm that got them where they are in the first place. In order to move to the next level, it's necessary to apply a different set of rules and a different method of thinking.

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