Whether you are running a consulting business, thinking about setting one up or just wanting tips on engaging a consultant, you will find interesting and informative articles from people who have done it.

  • Your Consulting Business and Web 2.0

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    Using the internet to move your consulting business forward requires more than putting up a web site. Are you really leveraging the new social media aspects of the web for the future benefit of your business? Leslie Allan prods your thinking on how to use this new medium as he reviews a provocative white paper on this important business topic.

  • How to Select a Consultant – The Three Imperatives

    by Bob Selden

    What are the three targets that one must hit to successfully select a consultant? In this article, Bob Selden shares his suggestions for selecting a consultant based on his experience as a manager and in the consultancy field.

  • Can Becoming a "Thoughtleader" Give You an Edge?

    by Ken Lizotte

    In this article, Ken Lizotte discusses the tangible benefits to your company resulting from becoming regarded as a thoughleader in your industry.

  • How to Speed Up the Decision Making Process

    by Bernadette Doyle

    Getting commitment from decision makers can take a long time. In this article Bernadette Doyle shares the 'secret' method she stumbled on accidentally and how it helped her speed up the decision making process and put cash in the bank quickly!

  • Consultancy or Interim Management – Which?

    by David Jones

    Just how much experience do consultants from the big firms really have? Have you considered using an experienced interim manager instead?

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