Career Planning

Whether you are looking to enhance the career opportunities of your employees or wanting advice on your own career progression, you will find here informative articles on all aspects of career planning.

  • Reflections on a Career in Training

    by Leslie Allan AIMM MAITD

    Leslie Allan considers the role of trainers in today's organizations and asks whether they still perform a valuable service in the post-GFC world.

  • The Wisdom of Making Your Boss Look Good

    by Jeff Davidson MBA CMC

    Putting your manager in a favorable light helps you further your own career. In this article, Jeff Davidson shares some highly practical tips for raising the profile of your boss.

  • Canon Triggers Employee Self-Discovery Strategy

    by Nicole Elsley

    Even in a tough economic climate, organizations can stay focused on providing satisfying career paths for their employees. In this illuminating case study, Canon Australia shows how their career enrichment program results in worthwhile outcomes for employees and employer alike.

  • Self-Renewal

    by Jeff Davidson MBA CMC

    As with moving to a new location, changing jobs is a great opportunity to asses your assets and direction in life. Use this time wisely to evaluate your values and goals.

  • Career Sustainability

    by David Rock

    More and more people today are making radical changes in what they do for a living. A recent study found that 23 percent of Australians over 30 had taken a significant financial loss in order to improve their quality of life. David Rock looks at what it takes to build a sustainable career.

  • Out with the Old, in with Adaptable

    by Jeff Davidson MBA CMC

    It's only by becoming adaptable to your organization's current challenges and changing business environment that you will lead your organization to sustained success. And with those skills you will command your well-deserved high financial rewards.

  • Bouncing Back from "Bad" Feedback

    by Julie Cohen

    Feedback has an effect on you whether you're receiving it from an annual performance review, a 360 feedback assessment, or a seemingly well-intentioned comment from a supervisor or colleague. In some instances, the new information rolls off your back with all of the other data you process each day; other times you can use it to change behaviors, improve performance or enhance business results. A challenge can arise when the feedback seems ill-intentioned, doesn't come with support or direction, completely surprises you, addresses a very sensitive issue, or seems just plain wrong.

  • Career Enrichment as a Lever to Lift Employee Engagement

    by Pamela Frost

    Employees today are expecting more from their jobs and their careers. Economic downturns only add fuel to the flame within people's hearts as they search for more meaning in their work. In an age in which competitive pressure is always on the increase, what part can career enrichment play in leading us towards a more motivated and committed workforce? Read this article to find out.

  • Preparing for a Career Change

    by Yulin Peng

    The time has come for a career change. You wish to switch careers and it's the only thing on your mind these days. If you are on the edge of changing careers, here are a few things you may want to do to get more clarity on your thought process.

  • Using Career Enhancement Tools to Become More Successful in Business

    by Joyce Jackson

    Every career can use a boost from time to time. Salaries can increase and job outlooks look better when career enhancement tools are used to benefit the person who needs several things working in their favor in the workplace. Career enhancement tools vary but one thing is clear and that's the success you can realize by using career enhancement tools.

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