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We extend a warm welcome to all of our existing and new subscribers. This month, we examine the problem of trust in organizations. We've looked at what trust means and we've reported on existing low levels of employee-manager trust.

What we often miss is that trust is at the core of any successful initiative to change the way people and organizations work. In this issue, change consultant Joan Dobbie explores how mistrust can quickly derail your change effort and why trust is so important to your success as a change agent.

We often hear the phrase "managing upwards", and we all appreciate how helping our boss helps our own career advancement. But exactly how do we do that? In our second article this month, career strategist Jeff Davidson shares some highly practical things you can do to stand out from the crowd. In addition, in this issue we introduce you to our human capital management expert, Colin Beames. Find out what Colin is up to in Meet Our Expert of the Month.

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Organisation Change's Magic Ingredient: Trust

by Joan Dobbie

Why do some organisations excel at change while others fail miserably, even when they adopt the latest advice on managing change? We thought we'd done everything possible to ensure the success of the transformation program:

  • Sense of urgency? Tick. Everyone could see there was a compelling need to change if the organisation was to succeed. Employees were frustrated with the current operating model and desperately wanted change.
  • Guiding coalition? Tick. The program had a dedicated and experienced senior executive sponsor. Every member of the executive team supported the vision for the future.
  • Clear vision? Tick. The vision for the future state had been clearly defined and communicated. Senior executives and employees were excited by the vision of a better future.
  • Empowered action? Tick. The program had the funding, resources and empowerment to overcome obstacles and get things done.
  • Change management capability? Tick. We had an experienced transformation team using mature program and change management practices.

So what went wrong? In hindsight, the warning signs were there right from the start. We'd planned our communications carefully; we understood the importance of early, frequent communication, from the right people. But resistance seemed to grow day by day, with each new wave of communication being met with growing cynicism.

The issue was the credibility of the messengers, not the quality of our messages. This organisation had operated in a climate of control, blame and fear for too long. There was a deep-seated lack of trust and an overwhelming perception that the senior leadership team was dysfunctional and operating in silos.

Continue reading the full article on the importance of trust.

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The Wisdom of Making Your Boss Look Good

by Jeff Davidson MBA CMC

Making your boss look good can only reflect favorably on you. Both your boss and his or her supervisors will appreciate this. Why? Every career professional today faces unrelenting time pressure. The continuing chore of having to get things done wears on everyone – your boss included. When you prove to be a valuable team player who knows how to get your assignments done, benefit the team and the organization, and make your boss look good, you stand out like few employees ever will.

First, Become More Productive

Here are techniques that transcend traditional approaches to time management and lay a foundation for greater achievement, while letting you remain balanced.

  1. Managing the beforehand, as opposed to the aftermath, involves creating space – mentally or physically – in advance of what comes next. I regard it as clearing out the old and unsupportive and making room for the new and supportive. It requires anticipation and vision.
  2. Conditioning your environments means taking charge of your office, home, car and other physical spaces. You arrange, stock, and maintain such spaces in a manner that supports your efforts. You realistically assess how you work and live best, and then summon the resources to support your efforts.
  3. Multiple Stations – If you wear contact lenses, you may already know the value of using multiple stations. Lens wearers know to keep extra saline solution and storage tubes at the various stations of their lives: their desks, cars, lockers at the gym, etc. Hence, you are always prepared without having to carry these materials.

Continue reading the full article on the how to make your boss look good.

Meet Our Expert of the Month - Colin Beames

Colin Beames

This month we proudly feature Colin Beames. Colin is a leading human capital, workforce trends, engagement and retention specialist. He has consulted to a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including both public and private organizations. Colin has worked with a number of organizations to assist them in adopting a more strategic approach to managing their workforce and developing their Human Capital Strategic Plans.

He is a registered psychologist and holds a masters degree in Business Administration, an honors degree in Arts and an honors degree in Engineering. Colin's recent projects include a comprehensive review of a business unit for a large council involving over 22 kindergartens and conducting a survey and workshop as part of a contract review for a global engineering and construction company. Contact us today to find out more about how Colin Beames can help you.

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