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eNews March 2013

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Welcome to this edition of our monthly Business Performance newsletter. We are pleased to welcome many new subscribers. Our issue this month is jam-packed with news of our latest expert articles and topical blog posts. If you find you can't read the complete newsletter all in one sitting, set it aside to read at the end of the day or first thing in the morning with your coffee. And don't forget to share with your friends and colleagues.

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Stop Using Benchmarked Employee Engagement Surveys

by Louise Metcalf PhD and Karen Whittingham PhD

In January 2011, the International Journal of Human Resource Management sent out a call for papers declaring that 'employee engagement' was a term with "...many unanswered questions" (Tuss et. al., 2011). These unanswered questions revolved around the status of employee engagement as a construct, how the supposed link between engagement and performance works and whether engagement is something that can be managed.

We believe it's time that science stepped in to clear up the mess. For years consultants have developed measures that are scientifically flimsy at best, and particularly because there is absolutely no evidence at this stage that existing engagement measures lead to any kind of increase in actual organisation performance.

One of the main reasons for a lack of any evidence that engagement leads to performance rests in the methodology for how these measures are collected. In essence, most measures are based on a set of generic questions that consultants believe work for all organisations in all organisational growth phases and all market positions. A good example of this is the well known "Gallup Q12", a survey with 12 generic questions given to all organisations despite their specific circumstances. Unfortunately, any methodology that promotes a generic measurement of human resource practices (and worse, gives the organisation a percentile rank benchmark measurement against those generic measures), places the Human Resource Manager as far away from the strategic decision making table as they can possibly get.

Continue reading the full article on engagement surveys.

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Meet Our Expert of the Month - Maree Harris

Maree Harris

This month we proudly feature Maree Harris. Maree is a professional development facilitator who works with highly motivated, high-performing professionals seeking to take their careers to the next level. Maree explains her approach, "While technically very competent, their soft skills and personal leadership skills are not well-developed. Lacking the professional edge these skills bring to their professional identity, they find themselves challenged by the complexities in today's work environment and missing out on promotions and opportunities they believe they deserve." Maree has recently released her new book, Soft Skills – The Hard Stuff of Success. She is currently developing a home study program based on the ideas in the book. Contact us today to find out more about how Maree Harris can help you.

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