FAQ: Training Management Maturity Model

Answers to common questions about Training Management Maturity Model.

Is Training Management Maturity Model compatible with Macintosh computers?

You should experience no problems reading our PDF files as long as you have the Acrobat (or similar) PDF reader installed. Our Microsoft Office for Windows doc and xls files can be read on Mac OS 8 or later with Mac Office 4.2 or later. Please note that we do not support our products on Mac systems.

How many licenses do we need when we have three internal training consultants/trainers assessing programs?

If all three people will be using the guide, templates or spreadsheets in their work, then your organization will need to purchase three licenses.

I have purchased a single user license. On how many computers may I install the software?

A single user license permits you to install the software on as many standalone computers as you require, on the condition that the software is not used by other people. You may, for example, install the software additionally on your laptop computer and on your home computer.

Can I install the software on a computer network?

No. Assessment forms may be copied to individual workstations on the condition that the forms are not accessible over a network and that each user of a form is a valid license holder.

I am a student undertaking a human resources course. Can I use Training Management Maturity Model for my studies?


I have left my current organization. Can I take the book and materials with me and install it on my new employer's computer?

No. Your new organization will need to purchase the requisite number of licenses.

I plan on assessing the maturity of three training units within my company. How many licenses do I need to buy?

If you will be the only person using the electronic books and conducting assessments, your company will require a single user license. If other people will also be using the books and/or acting as assessors, your company will need to purchase an additional license for each of these people.

I have purchased one license. How many copies of the assessment form can I print or copy?

You may print, copy and use an unlimited number of forms on the condition that the forms are used exclusively by you and only for conducting maturity assessments in your current organization. Each additional assessor will require an additional license.

How many copies of the Training Management Maturity Model PDF e-book and Assessment Guide can I print or copy?

You may print or duplicate one copy only for each valid license that you hold. If you purchased one license, you may print one copy only of each book.

Can I use your guide and materials in a client organization until the organization has the capability to assess training independently?

If you are an external consultant and want to use the guide and materials to improve training capability in a client organization, your client organization will need to purchase the requisite number of licenses directly from Business Performance Pty Ltd. Unauthorized third parties, including unauthorized external consultants and contractors, are prohibited from selling, reselling, licensing, renting, leasing or lending Training Management Maturity Model. Third parties are free to, and actively encouraged to, distribute the free templates and introductory chapters to help close a contract. Following this, the client organization will need to purchase Training Management Maturity Model directly from us.

I want to sell your guide and materials to a customer, but play no role in its implementation and management.

The license expressly prohibits onselling by unauthorized third parties. Customers and client organizations are required to purchase Training Management Maturity Model directly from Business Performance Pty Ltd. You are free to distribute the free templates and introductory chapters to whomever you wish. You are prohibited from receiving any kind of payment for such distribution. If you wish to become an authorized reseller of Training Management Maturity Model, please contact us.


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